May 30th, 2024
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Brown & Black For Summer

Memorial Day is in the rearview and many days have been in the high 70s. I already have my first bout of poison ivy, an indicator of time spent in the garden and meadow. Regardless, I am excited for summer and have put away all of my winter clothes, boots, and heavy woolens. Above are few things I’ve added to my warm weather wardrobe.

The Mint Velvet top and skirt are the foundation pieces for many of my summer outfits. I love these The Row sunglasses, but need to try them — they could be a tad too wide on my face. The small black The Row pouch (comes in chocolate, too) is my grab-and-go bag. It holds my phone, card case, keys, and glasses. When the Chloé clogs came down the FW24 runway on February 29, my heart skipped a beat. Chemena Kamali’s debut collection for the house is now available.

I got an xs skirt and the elastic is a wee bit tight, I’m letting it out an inch.

  • Lovely shade of brown!
    Preston, do you have a favorite brand for summer linen clothing? I’m looking to refresh my wardrobe for what looks like a very hot summer in Italy… Very much appreciate your suggestions!

    Stella JonesMay 30th, 2024  1:58 PM

  • I’ve been looking forward to a summer post like this! I haven’t been feeling navy this summer, classic and appealing though it is. Brown feels like a relaxed color to add to the summer mix, especially as it plays off white and gold.

    RMMay 30th, 2024  8:24 PM

  • I love brown and black for summer…looks fresh. I am hoping to avoid buying those sunglasses…we’ll see if I am successful!

    SharonMay 31st, 2024  7:53 AM

  • Brown is so refreshing to me. Love it with white, as well as black. I also wanted to applaud the variety of price points in this post. While I understand the idea of “investing” when you make a purchase as part of the less is more mindset, it’s simply not practical for everyone to buy high end goods. If you love a particular item, you’ll find plenty of ways to wear it and isn’t that the point? Thanks for another great post, Preston.

    KimMay 31st, 2024  12:52 PM

  • Loved the brown top and skirt and ordered it!

    MMSMay 31st, 2024  2:29 PM

  • Like Kim, I noticed the range of prices here. It’s refreshing, and my sense is that the era of “Big Luxury” is dead. The whole luxury market thing truly jumped the shark months ago and rapidly turned annoying. Having just returned from London and walking tens of thousands of steps through several boroughs, I rarely saw anyone dressed in easily identifiable luxury brands. Other takeaways: Clean streets, no waves of pot, no pan handling on every corner, nothing objectionable going on in the streets, yet very lively, spirited, happier people than I’ve seen in years. And thriving retail! NYC take note.

    PaulaMay 31st, 2024  11:13 PM

  • Lovely post. Nice choices, great skirt for summer . Love a maxi.
    I am glad to see some brown pieces . I have several pieces a lovely silk suit set and more casual pieces , so will be wearing them this summer.
    Sunglasses I definitely need and that pouch looks good too
    Have lovely summer. ☀️

    VJune 1st, 2024  12:56 AM

  • Very much appreciate the lower price point on the top and skirt. Am always so grateful for you generously sharing your taste.
    Happy summer to all
    – Grace

    GraceJune 1st, 2024  8:42 PM

  • Great post! I do love brown, although I tend to wear it the most in the fall. As for sunglasses that fit a narrow face, I have always had a difficult time finding ones that are not too wide. I found that Krewe sunglasses in the St. Louis style fit great and they have a free replacement guarantee. A pair of mine recently broke and they sent me a replacement very quickly. I like the style so much that I have several pairs.

    RebeccaJune 2nd, 2024  9:40 AM

  • I’m really into brown this summer.

    That's Not My AgeJune 7th, 2024  2:28 AM

  • I did indeed order the sunglasses…I don’t have a very narrow face, but they are definitely not on the wide side. Love the slight vintage look!

    SharonJune 7th, 2024  8:17 AM

  • Thank you for the feedback!

    PrestonJune 7th, 2024  10:28 AM


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