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Organizing With Style

Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic complimented my bookshelf styling — huge coming from the master stylist herself. The CNBC anchors are reporting from home and I love checking out their bookcases and stuff in the background. Andrew Ross Sorkin’s books are arranged by color, a trend discussed in FT’s How To Spend It magazine.


What's New


Burano belted wool-blend cardigan


Jane checked cotton shirt dress


Napoli cotton and wool cardigan


Leather top handle bag


Rosebud rose gold ring


18K gold and diamond earrings


Printed wool cardigan


Tank Française 25mm medium 18-karat gold watch


Tie-front merino wool sweater


Erica cotton midi dress


Trench cotton midi skirt


Cabochon buttons peacoat

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Back On My List

The Balmain Blazer

It’s peacoat and blazer weather in New York, my favorite. I took a pass on this Balmain blazer (and here) when it debuted in 2012, but today it’s at the top of my wish list. Either new or preowned, I’m on the hunt for one in navy wool with a bit of heft. The shorter length and sharp tailoring look good right now — and no sad looking pockets.

Guest Post

How Will We Replicate The Department Store Shopping Experience?

My sister and I were chatting about the demise of the department store. Barneys shuttered before COVID-19 was part of our lexicon, and Neiman Marcus just defaulted on their loans and is predicted to go into bankruptcy. The other big names are also on the ropes financially with uncertain futures. Neiman owns Bergdorf Goodman, the only department store I frequent. But, I don’t always go to BG to shop, more often I go to meet friends for lunch. I’m a devoted online shopper, but for my sister, who is  from another generation, the store closures are making her question how she will shop for clothes in the future. So, I asked her to share her thoughts.

I have had plenty of time to ponder just how much adapting will be needed once COVID-19 runs its course.  This global stress test has accelerated trends that we were perhaps slow to accept. What do we see more clearly now? That everyone needs access to good health care. That carbon emissions really do pollute our environment. That working remotely in a digital environment is…workingThese are some of the many things we will come to accept as the new normal.

The future of retail shopping is another trend being brought up short by this pandemic.  The heyday of department stores and retail malls is clearly behind us.  We have slowly acclimated to the closures by turning to online providersOur local malls are filling voids with non-revenue producing uses such as kids’ playgroundsThese changes were already set in motion long before COVID-19.

Assuming this trend towards the demise of retail accelerates in a post-COVID-19 world, we will be forced to find new ways to shop for clothes.  Perhaps the “we” in the former sentence, is we Boomers who grew up with the Macyand Filenes of yesteryear.

I, for one, am a devoted Nordstrom shopper.  At 68, I have been relying on Nordstrom’s offerings for over 40 years.  Going to Nordstrom is the highlight of my spring and fall forays into the fashion world.  It is there, with the help of a terrific personal shopper, that I discover what’s new and where push new boundaries to find my style.  For me it is more than simply shopping- it is an opportunity to reinvent myself.

So, should Nordstrom fall victim and disappear, I will need to adapt.  The question is how. What will my future clothes shopping experience look like?

Susan Bastress is an attorney practicing international law in Washington, D.C.

SS20 Issue

Le Monde d’Hermès

I was starting to wonder if Hermès would produce the SS20 issue of Le Monde d’ Hermès when an email announced that the magazine will be sent digitally. Chapters will be dispatched one at a time. Et Voilà!

IT Items

Just Hanging Around

A good dress is so easy. These two are just hanging around waiting for warmer weather, an iron, and a reason to be worn.

p.s. I don’t like shirt dresses that button all the way to the hem, they don’t wear well.

Thakoon & Celine

Dare to dream

When We Get Out Of Here

When we are sprung and can travel, I want to go to Rome. For a month. Stay in the posh Residenza Napoleone III— I don’t want to cook or clean anything. My younger daughter, the classics whiz, will join me and be my private guide. We’ll rent a car and go far and wide. Even just imagining this makes me happy – let’s dare to dream.

It Items


Thakoon‘s clothes get better and better. And the price point is unbeatable. I’ve just ordered these 3 items — a hood on a trench is up there with the importance of pockets, I can’t resist a tie-front dress, and a cropped sweatshirt, which is hard to find, is perfect with a midi-length, satin skirt. Homme Girls magazine volume 3 is now available.

Hey Thakoon, I wish the sweatshirt came in black…


Looks Good, Smells Good, It’s All Good

Being stuck inside has fueled my obsession with the painted copper flowers from Erbavoglio Milano. They are handmade and stay beautiful forever, two things I appreciate. A bit pricey so I’m trying to decide which one to start off my collection. Paired with a Cire Trudon candle would be perfection. I’ve been burning the smaller La Petite Bougie candles, they make great gifts, too.

Moda Operandi carries Erbavoglio Milano 

Vogue Mexico

Amber Valletta

I love this February Vogue Mexico story on Amber Valletta. She looks cozy in the Prada top and has a great haircut — oh how I need a hair cut.

Photography by Alique  Styling by Elissa Santisi

Spring Magazines

From Afar

With newsstands temporarily closed, it’s been a challenge to track down a few of my favorite magazines. Self Service is coming from Europe, The Gentlewoman from an online newsstand in NYC, and I placed an order on Holiday’s website but, from past experience, I know this may be wishful thinking.