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Thanks to comments from SueM and Susan, I’m off to do some perfume exploration. I have an appointment today at Scent Bar to try a few of the above.


What's New


Single-breasted hooded raincoat


Leather sandals


Flower brooch


Le Maillon leather shoulder bag


Aviator-style gold-tone and acetate sunglasses


High-neck striped wool-blend sweater


Park linen-blend canvas tote bag


Fran belted suede jacket


Wool-blend playsuit


Cassette padded intrecciato leather shoulder bag


Leather trench coat


Ruched cotton-poplin mini dress

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On My Mind


I am the Easter bunny in my house. Filling baskets is a tradition that I enjoy, however, I can’t buy the candy too early or I’ll eat it all. I sent a box of sweets to my older daughter two weeks ago just to get it out of the house and she ate the chocolates upon arrival — like mother, like daughter.

The crocuses and snowdrops are up promising a beautiful spring. Easter makes me feel hopeful and thankful — here’s to a new chapter, a renewal.

Happy Easter!

On My Radar

WSJ. Magazine: ‘Watch Watch’

I seem to be on the same wavelength as a story in WSJ. Magazine. I don’t usually follow men’s fashion, but this article on men wanting smaller watch faces got my attention. I’m right there, too, loving a smaller watch — less statement, a bit more elegant.

W Magazine

‘The Directors Issue’

This picture of Rashida Jones is from an amazing story directed by Sofia Coppola and photographed by Zoë Ghertner in W‘s annual Directors Issue. I love the ’80s glamour vibe and I’m so obsessed with the Chanel T-strap that I will plan an event just to wear them. I’ve been so good, only buying practical evergreen pieces — I just want something fun and a bit glamorous.

Chanel blouse, skirt, and shoes. Verdura cuff.

On My Radar

Random Bits

After yesterday’s post, I pulled out my Cartier Tank Americaine. I haven’t worn it in well over a year and it needs a new battery — plus, my Rolex could use a rest and a feminine watch looks good right now. The grounds of Philip Johnson’s iconic Glass House reopen April 16 and I’m going to head over and wander. My daughter and I loved the Alice Neel: People Come First exhibition at The Met and I’ve preordered the paperback reissue of Alice Neel: The Art of Not Sitting Pretty. And, this version of the Louis Vuitton NéoNoé is just really good.

Images: Courtesy of Cartier, April Vogue Paris, Irina Shayk in April Elle photographed by Chris Colls and styled by Alex White.

April Harper's Bazaar

‘Rites of Spring’

I’m a big fan of Samira Nasr’s styling — Harper’s Bazaar‘s new editor was an inspired choice. Love these images from the April issue.

Top: Prada raincoat and here, and dress, watch Panthère de Cartier

  Bottom: Dior look with Hermès clogs

Photography by Shaniqwa Jarvis

Favorite Rerun

Wear Now, Wear Often

I am rerunning this post, which was first published in June 2015, because it’s more relevant today than when I first wrote it. For the past year I’ve been sitting on a few new purchases and, as soon as I can, I’m going to pull them out and wear them — often. 

My favorite recent piece of advice, which came from a few readers who commented on Shopping Rules, is to not “save” things. They suggest that the things we love most should be worn the most often.

I’m a “saver”, and the downside of saving things is that by the time I pull them out, I don’t always love them as much as when I first bought them—they no longer feel fresh. I purchased this hobo over a year ago and can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn it. Ironically, it’s my favorite bag, and yet, I carry it the least. That’s going to change, pronto.

P.S. I’m wearing the above bag today.

Rita Konig Inspired

There is a wonderful piece on interior designer and journalist Rita Konig in FT‘s How to Spend It. I crossed paths with Rita at one point in my career and she is lovely. Aside from her brilliant tips (I love tips and lists, especially lists of tips) on ‘undone’ interiors, Rita shares that her favorite perfume is Sisley’s Soir de Lune  and she tells FT why — “I like that I don’t really know what it smells like. It’s not cloying and people don’t recognise it easily – it just becomes a part of you.”

I just got my second vaccination this morning and the possibility of being able to go out into the world soon is sinking in. I posted last weekend that I’m not planning a special wardrobe or to showcase new items, however, Rita’s quote inspires me to re-enter with a new scent. The Sisley shampoo and conditioner smell heavenly, so it’s a good bet the perfumes are heavenly, too.

It Item

Throwback Thursday

After I spied these Gucci Pumps, I went down a long lane of early 2000s memories. I had two pairs, a black and a tan (no surprise), and wore them to death. These were the shoes I wore to my interview at Harper’s Bazaar, to show castings, to drop the girls at school, for church, traveling — basically everywhere. Folks made fun of me and I just didn’t care — they got the job done. I remember finally letting them go and how conflicted I felt. They were in terrible shape, which was the impetus to toss.

But, here they are again in a shiny new iteration. Can I go there? Perhaps. I’ll post a picture if I keep them.

Vogue Paris

Color (In) Theory

These two images from April Vogue Paris make me happy — the colorful florals are gorgeous and uplifting. So, why don’t I wear them? Because I’m Color Challenge(d), which I wrote 11 years ago, almost to the day. And looking at a recent wardrobe post, I realize that I haven’t changed at all. I have one red floral, Marc Jacobs dress circa 2011 that is my go-to when I have a yen for a little pizzazz. But, I know I can do better and am rechallenging myself to add some color to my neutrals-only closet.

Top: Photography by Oliver Hadlee Pearch and Styling by Aleksandra Woroniecka  Bottom: Photography by Inez & Vinoodh and Styling by Emmanuelle Alt