April 4th, 2021
On My Mind


I am the Easter bunny in my house. Filling baskets is a tradition that I enjoy, however, I can’t buy the candy too early or I’ll eat it all. I sent a box of sweets to my older daughter two weeks ago just to get it out of the house and she ate the chocolates upon arrival — like mother, like daughter.

The crocuses and snowdrops are up promising a beautiful spring. Easter makes me feel hopeful and thankful — here’s to a new chapter, a renewal.

Happy Easter!

  • Well said! I too can’t buy the candy too early or it’s eaten well before Easter. My winter doldrums magically lift at Easter.

    LisaApril 4th, 2021  7:23 AM

  • Happy Easter Preston. This year, it does feel full of hope and new beginnings.

    ClaireApril 4th, 2021  7:54 AM

  • It’s an absolute corker of a day here, Delilah and her parents are coming for brunch, today is a good day. Happy Easter Preston to you and yours.

    SueMApril 4th, 2021  9:04 AM

  • Happy Easter Preston!
    We made it to I n-person mass for the first time in over a year. A time of renewal indeed.

    MelissaApril 4th, 2021  9:34 AM

  • Happy Easter Preston! Xx

    MathildeApril 4th, 2021  10:02 AM

  • Leporine. Word of the day.

    M K OkayApril 4th, 2021  2:15 PM

  • Happy and healthy Easter to you and your family!

    IsabelApril 4th, 2021  2:50 PM

  • Thankfully, we have been attending in person mass for about four months. But today was truly special ~ we sang! Sending my best wishes for a joyous Easter season!

    PaulaApril 5th, 2021  12:08 AM


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