April 11th, 2021
Circling Back

Walk The Talk

If you’ve ever wondered if I buy the items I post on, here you go:

After I admitted that I’m color challenged, Heather Clawson aka Habitually Chic recommended that I start with a blue shirt. This Ann Mashburn Boyfriend Shirt fits shockingly well. I always thought a button-down should be boxy, which I now realize was idiotic. And, Heather was spot-on, blue is fab. I’ll never have to stress about an evening look thanks to this Totême shift paired with Chanel heels — so easy. I’ve been wearing the Maison Mayle coat non-stop this spring, and the Hermès clogs in black and beige just make me happy.

  • Wow, just spectacular! You look amazing in all! Thank you for circling back on your earlier post topics, I appreciate the real approach you take with products. As many have mentioned in earlier posts/comments, I too hold on to things but don’t use to ‘save them for good’ and I need to break that habit. It’s wonderful to see you move forward on your wardrobe goals. What an inspiration!!! Thank you always for the time you take to investigate, write, post, and the thoughtfulness in everything you do.

    Lisa FApril 11th, 2021  11:16 AM

  • I love when you post selfies! Just a quick reminder to us that YOU always: “keep it chic”!!!! Love these looks on you and I’m ordering that blue shirt NOW!! Happy spring Preston

    KrisApril 11th, 2021  11:52 AM

  • I love all of these looks and I notice your loved hobo bag too! I live in Atlanta and frequent Ann Mashburn. Their shirts are amazing and their customer service is top notch.

    I would you ever consider doing a post on your favorite clogs? I am trying to find a chic and comfortable pair.

    DebbieApril 11th, 2021  1:05 PM

  • You look fabulous in all the photos. You know what looks good on you, and it seems like you never (or rarely) make a mistake. In a moment of synchronicity, I cleared out all my boyfriend, overally boxy shirts yesterday. They’re not becoming on me at all. I’ll give the AM a try. Thanks for keeping it chic…and real.

    KathyApril 11th, 2021  1:47 PM

  • You are lucky to score the Hermes clogs. I emailed my rep as soon as I saw them last year in a spring preview and they were never available. Hopefully someday!

    AmyApril 11th, 2021  3:03 PM

  • I saw a pair on the site a few days ago, keep checking and I bet they’ll restock.

    PrestonApril 11th, 2021  3:15 PM

  • Thank you for the nice comments, not a selfie fan. Need to smile more, but it’s weird smiling at myself… Hope everyone is well,

    PrestonApril 11th, 2021  3:32 PM

  • The Chanel shoes are so cute. I need to visit with them.

    TracyApril 11th, 2021  4:48 PM

  • Preston I was going to say those shoes would be fabulous with that Toteme dress but didn’t want to overstep. Love it! Everything looks great on you, never doubt it. I’m with Debbie, would love any tips on clogs other than the Hermes which would be stupidly difficult for me to purchase from here. Appreciate it.

    SueMApril 11th, 2021  6:07 PM

  • I actually buy the Sid Mashburn shirts and tailor down. I love that he uses collar stays and find some of the patterns unexpected

    Jennifer AllisonApril 11th, 2021  6:32 PM

  • Preston, you look so well put together in all of the outfits. But…those Chanel heels literally send me to the moon! They are so pretty and feminine and French. I sprained my ankle in November and am still recuperating with a possible surgery required, so they would be quite impractical for me now, but WOW! Thank you once again for the really beautiful inspiration. x

    SherryApril 11th, 2021  6:37 PM

  • I love when you post selfie’s too. You look great. Maybe you should do a “what I eat in a day,” or work out tips too.

    KimApril 11th, 2021  6:52 PM

  • SueM, I value your POV.

    PrestonApril 11th, 2021  7:54 PM

  • Love it all, but I am most impressed with your ‘covid weight’, I’m with Kim, what’s your secret ?

    SusanApril 12th, 2021  7:59 AM

  • I gained a few too, but there is amazing hiking all around us and I’m trying (sort of successfully) the intermittent fasting. A big meal at night does me in. Otherwise, I run and do a 7 minute workout from the NYT’s. I don’t drink a lot or eat a ton of pasta/bread, both make me very tired. Sadly, I ate my bodyweight in Haribo green frogs this past year, my comfort treat. Trying to lose it now.

    PrestonApril 12th, 2021  8:37 AM

  • You look wonderful in all of the looks. Those Chanel shoes are very special, and the clogs beyond. Unfortunately, all of them are beyond my reach, but I am on the lookout for a pair of clogs to love just as much!

    SharonApril 12th, 2021  8:58 AM

  • That evening look is just really lovely- it is classic and simply elegant! I love that you have that ready and waiting- it is a look I eternally struggle with because it is so far removed from my day to day. Thanks for the inspiration!

    KateApril 12th, 2021  11:28 AM

  • You always inspire me! You look lovely and fit!
    Would love to hear more about intermittent fasting?

    AliciaApril 12th, 2021  1:29 PM

  • All these looks are the very essence of the effortless perfection. Love your selfies, keep them coming and keep us inspired. You look beautiful even without a smile!

    ZivileApril 12th, 2021  2:22 PM

  • I bought the Loewe sunglasses now that non essential stores are finally open in London. Thank you for the idea!

    MMSApril 12th, 2021  3:20 PM

  • I love seeing your choices on you!! Your Spring coat looks fantastic, and the black dress with Chanel pumps is something you could wear for the next decade. You look fantastic. Thank you for modeling these!!

    PaulaApril 13th, 2021  12:03 AM


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