April 13th, 2021
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Fashion From The Past

Vogue predicts that there will be a surge of interest in vintage Gucci — pre-Tom Ford era 1994-2004 — thanks to the upcoming film House of Gucci. The film is based on the infamous Italian family from the ’70s to mid ’90s. So, to get a jump on this trend, I dug deep into my closet and unearthed my first Gucci bag. Mother let me pick out a bag on a trip to Rome in 1978 and I chose the one above. A camel hobo, unsurprisingly. Since it’s firmly in my never-changing wheelhouse, I’m going to drop it at Leather Spa and let them do their magic. Will I carry it again? Very possibly.

The bottom three are from the early ’90s. They had bamboo handles, which I removed the moment I purchased them and looped the messenger strap instead. I wore these to death and I’m not sure any amount of TLC can revive them.

  • That Gucci bag is fabulous!

    Lisa EastmanApril 13th, 2021  12:36 PM

  • Preston, I think it’s great that you’re going to try and resurrect these bags. By all means, make sure you show some “after” pics! Btw, what a coincidence this post is. Yesterday I was surfing my closet and came across a pair of camel suede Gucci loafers with the horse bit that I’ve had for years. If I resoled them, they’d look just like new. Really a testament to the quality of an item.

    KimApril 13th, 2021  12:37 PM

  • Not only do I love that your first Gucci bag is still so chic- but how fabulous that you bought it while traveling with your Mother. Fashion with a personal history is all the more exquisite.

    KateApril 13th, 2021  1:04 PM

  • “Firmly in my never changing wheelhouse” made me laugh. I’m sure when I was young I would have ripped off the bamboo too but I was just looking at one on the RealReal and love it. Pondering if I would add a strap. Good luck at leather spa, adore that hardware.

    SueMApril 13th, 2021  1:20 PM

  • It’s all about those beautiful floors!!! J

    jenniferApril 13th, 2021  8:23 PM

  • Offering a shout out to bamboo handles (I just love brown and natural materials), and also to Tom Ford’s first year or so at Gucci. I have saved all these years, although they don’t fit me or my daughter, a pair of his ‘platform Gucci loafer heels’ in black suede with the gold bit. They were the highest heel I’ve ever worn, and one of the favorite items I ever purchased! Classic Gucci look with a platform heel! If I could wear them today, I would.

    PaulaApril 13th, 2021  8:34 PM

  • Preston thank you for sharing this story, it made me think about my mom and her incredible style. I miss her.

    DeannaApril 13th, 2021  9:28 PM


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