April 14th, 2021

Flying In Style

Jodi Peckman’s homage to the golden age of air travel, Come Fly With Me: Flying in Style, will hopefully inspire a bit more effort in presentation when traveling — the vintage celebrity snaps are memorable. Before I go anywhere, I need a new carry-on. My Louis Vuitton wheelie is the first iteration and was designed to roll in just one direction. And, after my last flight to Paris, I’m getting noise canceling headphones, stat. Packing a favorite scent for the hotel room is brilliant and something I should’ve been doing all along.

Master & Dynamic headphones, Aviteur suitcase, Diptyque room spray.

  • Thank you for the reminder re. noise canceling headphones, and traveling with fragrance is a lovely idea! The Santa Maria Novella wax bark is another charming option. The Aviteur suitcase is great looking and appears to check all the boxes. Traveling with a smart looking carry-on (and stylish tote) has an enormous impact on the overall travel look. Like street style, travel accessories are more important than the clothing. Preston, what outerwear would you add to this scenario?

    PaulaApril 14th, 2021  10:43 PM

  • Noise cancelling headphones are a sleep and sanity saver for long flights!

    DianeApril 15th, 2021  8:33 AM

  • Could not agree more about travelling in style and still remember my husband wearing a suit jacket to fly. I also make considered choices about what I wear and carry (or at least I will again someday) when I fly. Wasn’t that Paris trip the one where you jammed everything into one bag? Elegantly of course. I always bring a travel candle or buy one in duty free so the scent reminds me of the trip.
    Before this mad tragedy my sister was a Delta diamond and said noise cancelling headphones changed her life so I finally bought a pair in March of 2020.

    SueMApril 15th, 2021  9:58 AM

  • Hah! Yes, SueM, that was the trip. I went for the weekend ALONE it was blissful. September 2019, feels like a lifetime ago.

    PrestonApril 15th, 2021  10:04 AM

  • Have you thought about having your Louis Vuitton wheelie repaired? A well made item used for years is very chic, “your” style and keeping it going with repair and restoration is the new modern. After restore, if you find it just doesn’t suit your needs anymore than it’s ready to go live it’s next life with someone else. A win win!

    Keri DrewryApril 15th, 2021  10:46 AM

  • I spray the inside of my suitcase with fragrance (either perfume or room spray) a few days before packing. It calms down and then infuses the clothes with a delicious scent without having to pack anything that may break.

    karenApril 15th, 2021  10:59 AM

  • Okay, that is the BEST packing tip I’ve heard in a long time!

    PrestonApril 15th, 2021  11:02 AM

  • When traveling internationally with my husband, I always put a few basic clothing items in his suitcase and he puts some of his in mine…just in case one of our suitcases gets lost! Love

    Pamela TaftApril 15th, 2021  1:31 PM

  • That is very clever and another great packing tip — thank you!!

    PrestonApril 15th, 2021  1:36 PM

  • Hi Keri,
    My LV wheelie is in perfect shape, but because it was the first generation, it has only two wheels so the only option is to pull it. An upgrade to four wheels so I can push it when in line for security, passport check, etc.

    PrestonApril 15th, 2021  1:41 PM

  • Wow Karen, I also think that’s a great tip!

    SueMApril 15th, 2021  2:46 PM

  • Can totally recommend the Master & Dynamic headphones. They are really effective and look beautiful. Mine are black and silver.

    JessApril 15th, 2021  4:08 PM

  • I would love some additional recommendations from you or your readers for stylish suitcases.. Thanks!

    PaulaBApril 15th, 2021  7:05 PM

  • I like Rimowa with the leather trim

    PrestonApril 15th, 2021  7:25 PM

  • Paula B, I carry a Bric’s in brown with camel trim; my LV checkerboard tote slides over the handle perfectly and sits on top. The two are a match made in heaven. I’m happy with Bric’s – it has lovely lining for the finer items I want to carry with me. I check a matching larger bag. The wax/dried floral called Pomegranate from Santa Maria Novella scents the inside of the suitcase and drawers upon arrival.

    PaulaApril 16th, 2021  12:27 AM

  • Paula: I’m a Briggs and Riley user but may be ready for a change. Which Bric style do you use?
    I’m with you on the wax dried florals!

    Lynn HamiltonApril 16th, 2021  9:22 AM

  • That suitcase!! So dreamy (so is the price) ! I would only use it if I was flying PJ!

    ameeApril 16th, 2021  9:24 AM

  • I bought a gold colored carry-on size Rimowa a couple of years ago. (Has it been that long?!). It’s very lightweight and the colors work well with almost every wardrobe and handbag color. I’ve been able to cram 5 days worth of clothes into it, so it is small but mighty.
    Noise cancelling headphones are wonderful..many of the frequent flyers have their own, often Bose ones. I have higher end Sony ones in beige/gold that are highly rated by audiophiles and these fit my head and ears comfortably. And look good with blonde hair!

    RebeccaApril 16th, 2021  3:37 PM

  • Lynne, my carry-on is the Bellagio 2.0 30-inch spinner in olive with tan leather trim, a good neutral year round, about 4-5 years old. So far so good!

    PaulaApril 18th, 2021  1:37 AM

  • Hi Paula. Color combination is stunning. I’ll look for it. Thank you, Lynn

    Lynn HamiltonApril 20th, 2021  2:50 PM

  • I am finishing up Come Fly the World: The Jet-Age of the Women of Pan Am by Julia Cooke. It has been a page-turner for me.

    CBApril 24th, 2021  6:51 AM


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