April 15th, 2021

Scent Collecting

To justify multiple purchases, i.e. the same bag in three different colors, I think of myself as a collector. I know, I know. But consider this: I’ve been searching for a new signature scent (get loads of samples before you commit, was the best advice) and realized that maybe having more than one, like a perfume wardrobe, could be modern. This is coming from someone who doesn’t own a lipstick and hasn’t really worn a fragrance in 20 years. To date, I’ve found two that I love —  Carthusia Mediterraneo and Louis Vuitton’s On The Beach — the start of a perfume collection.

  • I love the idea of a perfume wardrobe! Such a clever idea. I agree everything by Carthusia is amazing and you should add Frederic Malle’s Portrait of a Lady to your search – it’s really beautiful.

    KaraApril 15th, 2021  11:19 AM

  • I don’t wear perfume as I get an immediate headache, but if you want to try a great “lipstick” – Gucci Westman’s new lipglosses are great, Nana is a cool, almost colorless beige and very hydrating,
    Curious if anyone else gets a headache from scents?

    KathyApril 15th, 2021  1:23 PM

  • I have always been a “scent” girl. Experimented with many in the ’70’s and early ’80’s .Rive Gauche, Lauren, Shalimar, Ciara, Youth Dew) In 1986-87, I came upon Bijan, one of the “hot new fragrances. Spending $65 on perfume was a lot then, but I loved it and became my”signature”. I later started mixing scents, my other favorite being Tom Ford Black Orchid, but always with the base of Bijan. Recently I veered away from that base and substituted something else. I realized that people would always comment favorably on my scent, now that was not happening. I know we are wearing masks but long story short, I am back to my “signature” base scent. And the best part is, its now only $24.99.

    YasminApril 15th, 2021  7:42 PM

  • I use 24 Faubourg and Eau de soir for ages, recently some natural, home made and I don’t think I will change it but you made me dreaming of visiting Capri again…Carthusia is located so beautifully! I still have some things from my last trip.

    IsabelApril 16th, 2021  1:58 AM

  • For about 20 years I collected and rotated all of the Trish McEvoy scents and layered them. Her grandmother was a perfumer and the natural oils she uses makes her scents linger beautifully and I played with mixing them. They are all still beautiful and different. Currently I stole a scent from a French friend, Chanel Noir. I constantly have both men and women ask what I am wearing…even with masks on. I guess it just works on me. But during the day in the summer I use Clarins Eau Dynamisante. For me it is the perfect running around scent. It was my Jean Nate during elementary school. I could never follow the crowd… Kathy is right. The Westman Atelier glosses are lovely. I purchased all of them. I have only worn Dr. Sturm lip balm during the Pandemic because of the mask situation. Hopeful I can show off all the glosses this summer. Happy collecting Preston!

    Amy Thorne RichardsonApril 16th, 2021  7:11 AM

  • Way back in the day I wore Angel…I know it didn’t work for many, but it did for me…I got many compliments! I have that type of body chemistry that turns many scents to “bug spray”…horrible! For years I wore perfume oils…chocolate and vanilla suit me…gourmand scents do well. Lately I haven’t been using much of anything, but I guess whatever oil or lotion I use after my morning shower smells good to my husband.

    I agree that you might want to try one of the many tinted lip balms out there…I am a lipstick junkie and have had to resort to clear balms when wearing masks. I didn’t wear lipstick of any kind until well into my 30s…the condition of my lips improved tremendously since then!

    SharonApril 16th, 2021  8:33 AM

  • I accidentally came across L’occitane Herbea, and get a lot of compliments about what I wear. Totally agree that one needs a scent wardrobe. My current faves aside what I mentioned for evening are Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille and Francis Kurkdjanian Oud.

    ameeApril 16th, 2021  9:30 AM

  • Thank you for mentioning the Trish Trish McEvoy perfumes. My daughter bid at a charity gala auction on a basket in which there were two of Trish Trish McEvoy’s perfumes. Since my daughter doesn’t wear scents, she gave them to me. I haven’t tried them yet but now you’ve encouraged me to try them on. They are Sexy and Trish.

    SLFApril 16th, 2021  10:54 AM

  • Preston,

    You’re truly chic in your outlook so it only matches your personality to have a perfume wardrobe.

    Personally, I’ve always had a daytime scent that it associated with work. I chose a scent that was light, fresh and classic being cognizant of my fellow co-workers who were sensitive to fragrance. It was Chanel, No. 5, L’eau.

    I selected a signature “after work fragrance” when I was in my 20s. It was First by Van Clef and Arpels. As a very young girl I wore Anais Anais by Cacharel which evokes young, happy memories. As I age, I’ve added a few scents.

    I always receive compliments on my scents because I let them blend with my body chemistry and personality. One that I recommend to all my friends is Ecentric-molecules 01. It is the base of all fragrance and truly meshes with your chemistry.

    Fragrance and a refined palette of makeup finishes a woman. Have so much fun on this artistic self-expression!

    Warmly, Christina

    Christina AndersonApril 16th, 2021  11:48 AM

  • I’ve been thinking about my signature scent as well. I’ve been wearing Quelques Fleurs by Houbigant for more than 25 years, introduced by very glamorous aunts when I was in college. I’ve tried to branch out with Byredo’s Bal d’Afrique, Rose of No Mans Land and Frederic Malle’s French Lover – but I’m not in love. There is a small perfumerie here in Geneva called Theodora, the only place I can still walk in and buy Quelques, and they slipped me a sample from a French perfumerie I had never heard of before called Les Parfums de Rosine. They have a fascinating history and the sample ‘Ballerina no.3’ was amazing. Thinking of heading back this week to buy the bottle!

    GeorgieApril 16th, 2021  11:51 AM

  • So excited for you Preston, those scents sound gorgeous. Wearing a beloved perfume can make you feel like you don’t need lipstick and you’re not actually wearing “leisure wear”. Oh and I will definitely be checking out the LV one even though I just purchased Baccarat 540. Seasonal scents are also part of my collection. Enjoy!

    SueMApril 16th, 2021  6:46 PM

  • I have always been a one scent at a time gal. For many years I wore Jo Maline Vanilla Anise until they discontinued it. I searched for a year for my new scent and now wear Le Labo Santal. The Le Labo scents are fabulous.

    SLynnApril 17th, 2021  1:32 PM

  • I’ve loved following along on this scent journey of yours. In a similar vein, I would love if your readers would share their deodorant of choice. I know ingredients can be controversial, but I am heartbroken by Donna Karan Cashmere Mist being discontinued. I’ve worn it for over a decade and don’t feel like myself without it. What should I try next?

    MichelleApril 20th, 2021  3:31 PM

  • I don’t think Cashmere Mist is being discontinued- I read it’s just out of stock due to COVID supply issues.

    SusanApril 23rd, 2021  1:37 PM


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