July 29th, 2021
Fall Find #5

A Cool & Quirky Knit

When I spied the chunky knit hood in JW Anderson’s Pre-Fall lookbook in February top, I posted that it would one day be mine. It’s actually a hood and snood combo where each can be worn separately. I have both the grey and white winging their way to me.

  • Knitting inspiration, time to get out the needles!

    Thank You

    SusanJuly 29th, 2021  9:40 AM

  • This is such a fabulous concept. I am always cold and love the idea of some contrast against my all black winter coats. The knit texture provides a unique, homemade feel, too. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJuly 29th, 2021  9:56 AM

  • When you first posted this, I wanted it immediately as I have a charcoal gray cashmere convertible hood from Barney’s that is similar. It’s the same one Carrie had in the Sex and the City movie. Boy do I miss Barney’s. They had the best women’s accessories ever! I’m going to try this one too. I hope it’s not itchy.

    TracyJuly 29th, 2021  5:26 PM

  • JW Anderson provided official knitting instructions to the colorblock patchwork “Harry Styles”cardigan after many knitters posted unofficial instructions on the internet. I suspect that the chunky knit hood that you have pictured may be subject to a similar phenomena. It’s all garter stitch, so even a beginner could make it. It is very attractive and practical accessory!

    RebeccaJuly 29th, 2021  6:48 PM

  • Hello, that’s a lovely idea. I’m also entranced by the raincoat. It’s scalloped design reminds me of a sunflower. Is that coat still in season?
    Thanks so very much!

    Ruth HargreavesJuly 30th, 2021  6:06 AM

  • @rebecca oh that would be amazing!

    disneyrollergirlJuly 30th, 2021  6:06 AM

  • Ruth, the coat is part of the same PF21 collection and should be out now.

    PrestonJuly 30th, 2021  6:45 AM

  • That is the coolest idea! The grey is beautiful and perfect for adding to coats of all kinds. No rationalization necessary!

    SueMJuly 30th, 2021  2:52 PM

  • Do you know if this is itchy? SO chic

    MayAugust 3rd, 2021  1:01 PM

  • I will wear a turtleneck underneath, it’s a bit itchy.

    PrestonAugust 3rd, 2021  3:31 PM


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