August 21st, 2021
On My Mind

Awaiting Henri

Flashlights? ✔️ Candles? ✔️ Wine? ✔️ We’ll batten down the hatches and then wait. When Sandy hit, we lived at the water’s edge, literally, and are here to tell the tale. With some unexpected idle time, I want to finish The Paper Palace, watch the second season of Modern Love, fine-tune plans to convert the dining room into an art studio, handwash some sweaters, and try a Sisley hair mask sample. Not a bad way to ride out this storm.

Bunny Williams’ art studio in her Connecticut house is my inspiration

  • I haven’t read The Paper Palace yet, but I downloaded it last month. Finally decided to start watching the Modern Love episodes…I read and love the column every Sunday, so I’m not sure why I waited so long! I’ve watched the first 2 in the second season, and will definitely go back and watch all of the first season as well.

    SharonAugust 21st, 2021  9:30 AM

  • Sounds like a perfect way to wait out the storm.
    Watching The Chair with Sandra O last night had me yearning for sweater weather too.
    Stay safe!

    SusanAugust 21st, 2021  10:20 AM

  • Stay safe!

    TracyAugust 21st, 2021  1:12 PM

  • Oh no, hadn’t heard. Sounds like you have the perfect companions. Thank you as always for the book recommendations and reminder to watch more of Modern Love. Good luck on the studio plans, should be fun.

    SueMAugust 21st, 2021  2:03 PM

  • The Paper Palace is SO good. Just finished The Northern Spy, also worthy of a read.

    Amy HuntAugust 21st, 2021  7:10 PM

  • Stay safe!!

    MelissaAugust 22nd, 2021  12:54 PM

  • Who makes the sweater? I love it.

    B.P.August 22nd, 2021  10:22 PM

  • The sweater is FW14 Saint Laurent. It’s an odd shape and super itchy, but I love it regardless.

    PrestonAugust 23rd, 2021  6:49 AM


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