May 8th, 2022
On My Mind

Mamma Mia

I’m in Rome visiting my daughter. I’ve only ever been to Rome with my mother; we would stop here for a day or two on our way to someplace else (like Egypt or China). As we wander around the city, I think about those earlier trips and how I am doing many of the same things that Mother did with me — it makes life feel like a lovely continuum. When I bought a pair of Tod’s loafers for my daughter this morning, I knew that they would become a memento of this trip, a tangible memory like the Gucci bag my mother bought for me ages ago. And, it’s the memories that really matter in the end. Thinking of you, mum. xjp

  • que bella!!! happy mother’s day! xx

    MatildeMay 8th, 2022  12:26 PM

  • What a beautiful sentiment! Happy Mother’s Day!

    LisaMay 8th, 2022  12:26 PM

  • La Dolce Vita Preston! Happy Mother’s Day!!!

    JuliaMay 8th, 2022  12:40 PM

  • Happy Mother’s Day and what wonderful cycle of memories you’re creating. BTW – your new bag looks fabulous.

    KathyMay 8th, 2022  12:41 PM

  • Lovely post and thoughts Preston. Beautiful photo. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and caring individuals!

    Lisa FMay 8th, 2022  12:57 PM

  • Happy Mother’s Day, Preston! Here’s to more beautiful memories with your daughter. x S

    SeverineMay 8th, 2022  1:08 PM

  • Similar thoughts for me. No physical mementos, but rather what I hope has been instilled and will lasts well past this generation. My request was a brunch at home, my girls’ planning and preparation. We’ve produced plenty together for them to feel some confidence to take the baton today and I was so pleased. A little messy as expected, but they worked together and made the loveliest Sunday morning with a beautiful setting, quiches, steamed artichokes, and mimosas. Most rewarding was the terrific conversation. Continuum indeed! Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers on KIC.

    KEMay 8th, 2022  1:35 PM

  • Happy Mother’s Day, Preston!
    Those gelatos must be amazing and it is funny how many people are taking pics of them. Did you have some? Could you please share info on your chain belt? I am having a hard time finding one

    Martha Elena DMay 8th, 2022  1:41 PM

  • Love this post!

    SusanMay 8th, 2022  1:54 PM

  • Lovely post! Happy Mother’s Day – sounds like a perfect one! ❤️

    MaryBMay 8th, 2022  2:09 PM

  • So glad the world is getting back to “normal”. Thinking of you and grateful for all that you share with us via KIC. Happy Mother’s Day!

    Amy Thorne RIchardsonMay 8th, 2022  2:20 PM

  • Happy Mother’s Day Preston, what lovely sentiments and photo, thrilled you are enjoying yourselves. Thank you for sharing, could not agree more.

    SueMMay 8th, 2022  3:06 PM

  • I sure hope you went into Giolitti! If you go in on the left, and sit at a table, the gelato and service are fantastic!

    SheriMay 8th, 2022  8:07 PM

  • Happy Mother’s Day and safe travels.


    AprilMay 8th, 2022  8:12 PM

  • Happy Mother’s Day to you. What a lovely place for a vacation with your daughter. Thanks for sharing and thank you for KiC.

    SharonMay 8th, 2022  8:40 PM

  • Happy Mother’s Day Preston! I remember your post about traveling to Cambridge with your daughter. It inspired us, and as a result my daughter is attending U of St Andrews. Is your daughter working in Italy?

    KimMay 9th, 2022  11:21 AM

  • Kim- I hope your daughter loves St. Andrews, great place to go to school! xp

    PrestonMay 10th, 2022  6:47 PM

  • I went to Giolitti often, so yummy! The pistachio…

    PrestonMay 10th, 2022  6:48 PM

  • Martha Elana D- the chain belt is Saint Laurent from last year. I’m sure they have new styles, I bought a smaller link belt for the beach this summer.

    PrestonMay 10th, 2022  6:49 PM

  • Thank you, Preston! This is helpful, yes, there are a few options.

    Martha Elena DMay 10th, 2022  9:19 PM

  • Always so stylish and la classe!Enjoy your escape and la dolce vita.

    JuietMay 13th, 2022  4:06 AM


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