June 14th, 2022
On My radar


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Jo Ellison, editor of Financial Times’ HTSI (formerly How To Spend It), and the current issue is particularly good. At first glance, I thought A Newport Summer by Ruthie Sommers was just another coffee table book chronicling the lives of the idle rich. But, the review set me straight — it’s a much more in-depth look at Newport today and a very good read. An article on an exhibition at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris that explores botanical influences in jewelry was so compelling I changed the dates of our trip to Paris to catch the last day, September 4. And, if I were going back to an office, this Loro Piana shirtdress would be ideal.

  • The brooch is stunning (I’m sure the exhibit will be as well) and you’ve got me intrigued about this book.
    Off topic, what do you think of the latest Fontaines DC album? Very 90’s the Verve I thought, love it myself.

    SueMJune 14th, 2022  11:04 AM

  • As someone more Shtetl, than Manor born, I look forward to reading Ruthie Sommers book. Nick Mele’s photography shares more than just pretty people in pretty settings. I can’t wait!

    karenJune 14th, 2022  1:28 PM

  • A Newport Summer is amazing. My shoulders dropped and I was filled up. I get the same feeling when I visit Manhattan. I had a small book of black and white photos of buildings in the city with quotes I had picked up at the Guggenheim 25 years ago. The quote that stuck with me “New York is my Lourdes”. I knew then I was not alone in my love for all things New York and New England. From this West Coast beach girl in the land of farmhouse moderns this book re-affirmed my commitment to my Sag Harbor west aesthetic.

    MarieJune 14th, 2022  2:08 PM

  • Just visited The Breakers in Newport over Mother’s Day weekend ~ it was my first visit to the area and I am smitten. In addition to the historic cottages, the town itself seems very livable.

    PaulaJune 15th, 2022  12:00 AM

  • Just read the FT article, ‘How to Dress in a Heat Wave,’ and it’s fantastic! One brand mentioned is Anest, which at first glance looks amazing, although I can’t get all of the images to come up. Their quote: “There’s nothing more feminine than a woman incorporating male tailoring codes into her wardrobe.”

    PaulaJune 15th, 2022  1:34 AM

  • I am also a fan of Jo and the Financial Times. I enjoyed reading about Newport and Doris Duke. The Fix article inspired an in-office clothing refresh.

    I am looking forward to watching the Guilded Age and have been doing some of the virtual walking tours through the New York Historical Society.

    CBJune 15th, 2022  1:49 PM

  • SueM, thank you for the introduction to the Fontaines DC, I went down a rabbit hole… Where do you discover new music? I listen to Sirius XMU and Alt Nation etc.

    PrestonJune 25th, 2022  8:07 AM


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