July 1st, 2022
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I don’t need this Gucci bag (I already have it in other colors), and I have the Celine Romy in this color. So, why am I even considering it? Because, when I find something I love and know I’ll wear forever, I buy it. Please talk me out of this…

This bag is now $1000 more than when I bought the first one in December 2019 — wow.

  • Swoon. If you love it, can afford it, and will wear it forever…

    JenJuly 1st, 2022  10:48 AM

  • Sorry, I can’t talk you out of it. I purchased it for myself and love it more than I can say. I am sure I will continue to love and use it for many years. You should get it.

    AnneJuly 1st, 2022  11:06 AM

  • I’m afraid you are preaching to the wrong crowd Preston lol. She’s a beauty. Don’t shoot me but what about selling or giving away the Celine?

    SueMJuly 1st, 2022  11:39 AM

  • I am here to tell you that you won’t regret it! Happy shopping! Marcheline Isabelle

    Marcheline IsabelleJuly 1st, 2022  11:42 AM

  • This is clearly a rhetorical statement.
    Why would anyone try to talk you out of that beauty?!?
    Run, don’t walk.

    MelissaJuly 1st, 2022  12:24 PM

  • Get it, Preston. Yu know you won’t regret it!

    SeverineJuly 1st, 2022  12:27 PM

  • Which Gucci bag is your favorite?

    Mari KingJuly 1st, 2022  1:05 PM

  • This Horsebit 1955 in dark brown.

    PrestonJuly 1st, 2022  1:07 PM

  • It’s so good!!

    CarringtonJuly 1st, 2022  1:13 PM

  • I tend to buy the same thing, sometimes exactly, over years. It’s obviously a signature style for you, and the gold color is really beautiful. Sporty chic!

    PaulaJuly 1st, 2022  2:01 PM

  • It’s beautiful.
    I have a favorite bag in four different colors. What can I say?

    GayleJuly 1st, 2022  2:17 PM

  • Oh Preston I get in trouble every time I read your email you have such a great eye !
    If you will wear it forever you must buy it plus you have daughters . . .

    Brooke GarberJuly 1st, 2022  3:14 PM

  • I have it in that colour (and in two other colour ways). It’s a great bag. The down side is the now gravely inflated price. That is not to be under estimated, especially in the current economic climate. Is it an investment piece? Probably.
    Judgement call!

    Jess FJuly 1st, 2022  4:27 PM

  • I adore the CELINE Romy! It is an excellent choice and looks roomier and easier to carry and style than the Gucci (agreed a stunner). Trust your initial instinct — it is good. www.lisavonweise.com

    Lisa von WeiseJuly 1st, 2022  5:54 PM

  • A forever piece is balanced out by per wear, so I say say why not?
    I just wish when converted to Canadian I could say say the same 🙁

    SusanJuly 1st, 2022  5:58 PM

  • If your previous bag is already $1000 higher then isn’t this bag a smart investment? 🙂

    DebbieJuly 1st, 2022  6:33 PM

  • I love it.

    TracyJuly 1st, 2022  7:48 PM

  • I dropped into the comments expecting to read lots of well reasoned explanations of why you should let this one go. (OK, not really, but one day, your commenters might surprise me!)
    If you can swing it, and it won’t sit in a box in the back of the closet, go for it. Please post pictures if you get it.
    Happy 4th!

    SharonJuly 1st, 2022  7:57 PM

  • This one is very different than the Celine…even if they are the same color. It is classic, so
    I’d get it if you love it.

    I like the Celine better…

    SharonJuly 1st, 2022  9:37 PM

  • Get the bag! It’s so you! Charge it up! Layaway!

    LCSJuly 2nd, 2022  8:48 AM

  • Thank you all for chiming in. Seems to be a no-brainer since it’s so obviously ‘me’.

    PrestonJuly 2nd, 2022  11:52 AM

  • Its so classic! Go for it…

    AprilJuly 2nd, 2022  12:46 PM

  • Love the bag; very classy and classic. The price increase is definitely above and beyond increases due to inflation, but then, most luxury good makes have had similar price increases or more.

    RebeccaJuly 2nd, 2022  4:35 PM

  • I’ve been visiting that bag on Matches and the leather is calf so that may be the reason for the price increase. I visited the bag when you first posted it and it was the same leather as my Celine box so I didn’t get it. This one is special so we can compare notes when I get mine.

    TracyJuly 3rd, 2022  10:35 AM


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