July 17th, 2022
On My Mind

A Maintenance State of Mind

I’m rerunning this picture of my clothing rack because I just dropped off the black and brown bags at Gucci to have the straps updated and the clogs are being resoled at Leather Spa. Many folks are getting ready for a summer holiday, but it’s also a good time to get fall items shipshape. I try to do this in the spring when I shelve boots and store coats, but doing it in July still leaves enough time for any major maintenance needs. The Gucci straps will take 14 weeks once the bags arrive at the service center in Italy — I’ll be very happy to have them back in November. In the meantime, I’m carrying a beautiful black, polished calf Marni Trunk that often gets overlooked.

  • Love this idea! Also love the Gucci bags—what are you having done to the straps? Just curious and since you are the queen of style I am taking notes;) KK

    KrisJuly 17th, 2022  9:49 PM

  • Tell us more about changing the straps on the Gucci bags.

    LisaJuly 17th, 2022  10:07 PM

  • Excellent post, and a great reminder to us all. I second Kris – I’m curious what you are having done to the straps. The Marni Trunk has been on my radar for years, it’s such a classic. I don’t think I’m a clog person but every time you share the Hermes pair I reconsider… Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJuly 17th, 2022  10:15 PM

  • I bought the brown and black bags when they were introduced late 2019. On the first iteration, the straps have an extra few inches after the last snap. This is only an issue if you wear the straps as short as I do – I wear them even shorter than you think they can be. So, the extra length is an issue. Gucci quickly modified the straps and the second iteration does not have this problem.

    PrestonJuly 18th, 2022  4:58 AM

  • I adore your clothing rack and the very French way you display your clothes and accessories. Like a boudoir on the left bank. Such style!

    SusanJuly 18th, 2022  8:35 AM

  • On another note, your clothing rack is lovely. Any details about where to find one would be appreciated.

    karenJuly 18th, 2022  10:06 AM

  • I have this rack from Amazon. I don’t attach the wheels.

    PrestonJuly 18th, 2022  10:14 AM

  • Such a great shot, love the rack idea. I’m more of a twice a year throw that season on the bed and go through it. Also took some old sandals in to my very excellent cobbler and had the soles completely remade in thicker iterations with one pair getting a small heel. It’s like having three new pair to wear, now thinking I might look at boots the same way. Just can’t wear thin soles anymore. Clever idea with the straps making them work better for you.

    SueMJuly 18th, 2022  10:58 AM

  • Love this clothing rack! Its what I use when I pack for a trip!
    That way I can see exactly what I am packing and put outfits together.
    The Gold color is lovely!

    Carrington GoodmanJuly 18th, 2022  2:13 PM

  • I find summer the best season to take my Birkins to the Hermès spa. I get them ready for Fall and prevent the risk of having my children accidentally smear zinc sunblock on them 🙂

    Julie AnnJuly 21st, 2022  12:51 PM

  • I have a Celine trio that I love but the strap is frayed. Also a Celine Cabo that could do with some refurbishing. Any suggestions where to send.

    ElsaAugust 18th, 2022  11:14 AM

  • Leather Spa

    PrestonAugust 18th, 2022  11:32 AM


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