July 18th, 2022
On My Mind

Wearing Again

Yesterday I mentioned that I pulled out my Marni Trunk from 2018 to wear while my Gucci bags are being repaired. Then, this morning I read that it’s the 25th anniversary of the Fendi Baguette, so out came this one from, probably, 25 years ago. Fendi will hold a special fashion show here in NYC September 9 to celebrate the signature bag’s anniversary, and Linda Evangelista, photographed by Steven Meisel, is the face of the new campaign. Fashion is a circle and this time I’m game.

Funny, my Baguette came with silver hardware and Fendi kindly switched it out for me — always tinkering…

  • You are such an inspiration to buy quality items and keep them for the long haul. I am extremely nit picky when it comes to certain things and I love how you are always tweaking pieces to make them perfect for you. Thank you, Preston – I look forward to your posts every day. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJuly 18th, 2022  11:47 AM

  • I love your tinkering! These square paillettes are very cool for a silver lover like myself.

    SueMJuly 18th, 2022  12:10 PM

  • Well said!

    SusanJuly 18th, 2022  12:11 PM

  • I kept my very first leather Prada bag from 1995 similar to the one CBK had. I couldn’t part with it, kept it in mint condition and can’t wait to find a good reason to wear it now that it’s been reissued. I admire that you do the same.

    TracyJuly 18th, 2022  1:19 PM

  • Out of everything we wear, aside from fine jewelry, I think it is handbags that are the most worthwhile investment. When properly cared for, a chic leather bag will pay for itself over and over again. I have treasured older handbags, which at the time I held my breath when purchased. But they all are still front of my closet, glowing, still fabulous after all these years.

    PaulaJuly 18th, 2022  2:22 PM

  • I have my first Fendi baguette purchased in 1997. The best bag I’ve held onto. The memory of what the bag holds almost outweighs the chicness of the bag.

    KarinaJuly 18th, 2022  2:59 PM

  • Love both of those Preston. And agree with all the comments on here. Good to see Linda modelling again although a shame it’s so heavily retouched. Wonder whose decision that was.

    disneyrollergirlJuly 18th, 2022  4:02 PM

  • I have several Fendi baguettes and have always loved them. One is covered in gold palettes and in perfect condition-similar to silver ones that are pictured. I started reusing my leopard print pony hair one a bit before they came back into style. Whatever the item, if you love it, keep it-and use it. True style is above trends.

    RebeccaJuly 18th, 2022  5:14 PM

  • Can’t believe it’s 25 years of the baguette! I’ve collected them over the years, and it’s amazing to see how they’ve created a style that’s worked on most everyone- classic, like your black (or brown?) pebbled leather, or more wild, like Rebecca’s silver version.

    bllJuly 18th, 2022  6:55 PM

  • Well-loved dark brown smooth calf

    PrestonJuly 18th, 2022  7:52 PM

  • My daughter took both of mine a couple years ago because she thinks shoulder bags are cooler!

    MMSJuly 19th, 2022  9:12 AM


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