July 19th, 2022
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After I posted the below picture of designer Kendall Conrad wearing Barbara Shaum slides in late March, I started searching for similar sandals. I found two Saint Laurent pairs in Rome early May, but the hunt is still on for variations on this style. I love the rustic, made-by-hand-in-Greece feel – perfect for the city and the beach. The two images above are from @streetstyleglobal_ and K. Jacques makes a nice version of the sandals on the left. K. Jacques will make a custom pair in black with a black sole — I’ve done this a number of times.

Kendall Conrad in Barbara Shaum sandals

My Saint Laurent sandals in brown and black

Barbara Shaum sandals that I snapped at Ann Mashburn’s Georgetown store in 2019.

  • A.Emery!! I have two pairs of the Colby—one in black and one in tan—and wear them to death. The quality is great and the price is really accessible. I want to try some of the chunkier styles next.

    Tara Lamont-DjiteJuly 19th, 2022  7:41 AM

  • I always look and admire these styles but worry about blisters around my toe if it’s hot and you walk far. Has this ever been an issue?

    TerriJuly 19th, 2022  8:17 AM

  • They certainly take a bit to break in, but then they are super comfy.

    PrestonJuly 19th, 2022  8:20 AM

  • The sandals you seek are Manolo Blahnik “Susa”. I have them in tan and black and wear to death.

    LLJuly 19th, 2022  8:56 AM

  • I’ve had that photo on the left on a Pinterest board for years but forget her name this minute. They are gorgeous sandals and I can agree with you to reassure that after a bit of wear they are very comfortable. I can also endorse A. Emery, have a few pairs of sandals and a pair of ankle boots, they are lovingly made.

    SueMJuly 19th, 2022  8:58 AM

  • The Susa is the right design but doesn’t have that made-by-hand-in-Greece feel — they are a bit refined. I should wear mine more often.

    PrestonJuly 19th, 2022  9:00 AM

  • Ancient Greek Sandals have similar offerings to K. Jacques. I have liked mine. I still covet the Saint Laurent ones. I can’t find them in my size.

    DebbieJuly 19th, 2022  9:19 AM

  • Preston, love this post. Do you know who makes the sandals in both photos (on left and right)? Thank you!!

    Colleen SellersJuly 19th, 2022  9:19 AM

  • Il Sandalo makes similar style…

    Stella JonesJuly 19th, 2022  9:26 AM

  • Colleen, I can’t be sure, but readers are leaving lots of good suggestions.

    PrestonJuly 19th, 2022  9:27 AM

  • Thank you all for introducing me to brands and designers of whom I haven’t heard. The comments here usually send me down into a rabbit hole.

    karenJuly 19th, 2022  9:29 AM

  • I’ve been looking for the sandals on the right and have only found a similar style (no heel strap) by Saint Laurent, men’s. I suspect the size 38 will be fine on length but too wide.

    They are perfect, agree on the rustic appeal.

    SarahJuly 19th, 2022  10:13 AM

  • Debbie, I also came here to mention Ancient Greek Sandals. They are handmade by leather craftsmen, using natural leathers. The leather does need a little time to soften, but it wears well, and the sandals happily come in styles that avoid leather between the toes.

    Preston, Loro Piana’s Frances sandal might be a variation on the look you’re considering. I’m not sure whether you prefer a rounded toe box.

    RMJuly 19th, 2022  10:13 AM

  • I too am longing for a pair of those old school sandals but don’t have any suggestions, alas. Please post if you find them!

    JoannawnycJuly 19th, 2022  10:25 AM

  • The photo on the right is of Lara (nee Bingle) Worthington.

    AmberJuly 19th, 2022  11:45 AM

  • Sorry ! I meant the left!

    AmberJuly 19th, 2022  11:46 AM

  • I am a devout Manolo Blahnik Susa lover same as LL black and tan preferably with white stitching . I too wear them to death . I have feet that blister far too easily and that combined with lack of patience eliminates the ever chic Ancient Greek Sandal and K Jacques .

    Brooke GarberJuly 19th, 2022  11:52 AM

  • Barbara Shaun are hand made in nyc and very similar and so comfortable

    Jennifer AllisonJuly 19th, 2022  2:41 PM

  • Kendall is wearing Barbara Shaum sandals in the picture above. Sadly Ms. Shaum died in 2015.

    PrestonJuly 19th, 2022  5:17 PM

  • I don’t know if anyone here has ever heard of the Italian made brand m.gemi, but I bought a pair of sandals a few summers ago of that brand and I really liked the look of them. They were similar to the ones in the images above. I still have them and wear them on occasion, but they are not the type of sandal I could wear all day. Not sure the sole/arch is strong enough to comfortably pound pavement all day, but the quality and look is really nice at an excellent price point if your needs are met with something less rugged. They have a similar, high quality look.

    AprilJuly 19th, 2022  5:20 PM

  • Check out A Emery – the Carter Sandal – $140

    Rebecca AuerbachJuly 19th, 2022  7:12 PM

  • April raises the issue that concerns me – sole/arch, and pounding the pavement. For me, cushion is also a factor. Great as they look, take care of your feet. I think it’s not so much the sandals as it is the context here (model’s healthy, tan legs, great little cotton dress, tip of the straw hat, and the beautiful stone setting). Would I love these sandals if spotted at Target? Not sure.

    PaulaJuly 19th, 2022  7:57 PM

  • I’m late to this post, and after reading Paula’s comment, I have to agree…
    It’s the overall fabulous look of all three ladies ~ from head to sandal wrapped toes that’s the appeal.

    SusanJuly 20th, 2022  8:15 AM

  • I love my Susa sandals. Have them in black, tan, white and metallic Especially love the combo of faded denim jeans with the metallic ones. And I didn’t have to break them in, which is very rare for me.

    Elizabeth VelasquezJuly 20th, 2022  9:43 AM

  • Jutta Neumann was Barbara Shaum’s apprentice. I have wanted to try her sandals. She is in NY. https://www.juttaneumann-newyork.com/sandals-women. Could be a possibility.

    EmilyJuly 20th, 2022  9:47 AM

  • I also wanted to try Jutta Neuman! I don’t live in NY so it will need to happen on my next visit. They are really cool.

    DebbieJuly 20th, 2022  12:41 PM

  • Emily, thank you for this tip! I will check out her sandals and have a pair made.

    PrestonJuly 20th, 2022  6:15 PM

  • This blog is endlessly inspiring!

    If you want the exact shoe Ann Mashburn sells Barbara Shaum. This exact style is currently sold out in most sizes. Haptic and Kika Ny are also brands that have similar styles and are maybe both former apprentices?

    SLJuly 21st, 2022  7:43 AM


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