July 20th, 2022
On My Mind

Hot Town, Summer in the City

In a city during a heatwave? Go to a museum, a movie, and shop in a real store. Stay cool, everyone.

  • You look great at the museum in the heatwave. Nice to see the items you’ve spoken about in the wild!

    Paula BJuly 20th, 2022  9:03 AM

  • Saw Where The Crawdads Sing at Alamo Drafthouse yesterday. Perfect place to escape the heat. I even needed a sweater in the theater! NY Historical Society is on my list for today. This heat is intense. Remember to hydrate!

    JudyJuly 20th, 2022  9:17 AM

  • Love your outfit. Live in Miami so always lookin for
    Black pieces that look good in the summer. Do you mind sharing the skirt and shirt or writing a post on black pieces in the heat !!

    Ellen FelderJuly 20th, 2022  9:31 AM

  • T-shirt is Petit Bateau and the skirt is H&M circa 2007 (reclaimed from a daughter…)

    PrestonJuly 20th, 2022  9:33 AM

  • I love that you ‘reclaimed’ from a daughter! My girls always love my pieces and I’m always happy to share remembering at their age I couldn’t really afford! They take special care and always ‘gift’ them back in perfect condition and I then have them forever OR when my oldest occasionally tells me it’s time to donate!

    DebJuly 20th, 2022  10:01 AM

  • Love this shot of you, great recommendations. My girls also borrow certain items but I’m not sure I’ve ever retrieved anything lol. It’s muggy and intense here as well, without the Met unfortunately. Had tickets for Mrs. Harris with my daughters and one tested positive. She’s fine thank god but no theatres for a bit. Early morning dog walks, swimming and reading Crawdads inside. Take care all.

    SueMJuly 20th, 2022  10:39 AM

  • My favorite thing to wear in extreme heat-and I live in South Florida is a roomy cotton poplin dress. Not only does it allow ventilations without constriction but it’s instantly a complete outfit at minimal effort.

    karenJuly 22nd, 2022  7:32 AM

  • It’s a Bucci!

    AJuly 22nd, 2022  8:31 PM


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