July 24th, 2022
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Wedge In

I love a wedge heel boot, especially in crepe, but haven’t worn one since the early aughts. And, I haven’t bought anything by Isabel Marant in a few years. When I spied these IM boots, I thought yes, please! — the crepe wedge looks really good to me, again.

Black, short brown, tall brown, short black

  • I remember when my daughter wore something like these and almost broke her ankle. What amazes me is that women will ruin their feet or take a risk of serious injury to keep up with fashion. Sorry but these are in that category. I do like the fabric and color, however, but not worth the money or pain.

    DianneJuly 24th, 2022  11:52 AM

  • LOVE them, Preston! I saw a pair at Chanel in velvet too. Both styles shown here are gorgeous. Get them!

    SeverineJuly 24th, 2022  12:44 PM

  • Excited that this look is back! Have a great pair of black suede knee high boots from the aughts with a 2 1/2 inch wedge — were always comfortable and had no mishaps.

    BonnieJuly 24th, 2022  2:58 PM

  • I have recently renewed my love for Isabel Marant and have been getting her amazing tops and foot wear (which tends to run on a smaller side). Epitome of French fashion that does not cater to a narrow age group – everything can be worn by me or my daughter.

    IrinaJuly 24th, 2022  5:02 PM

  • The slouching leather is beautiful. That’s a very Marant heel. And I agree with you, Irina, about the versatility that Marant can bring. My closet is never without some of her jackets, which pair with jeans as easily as they pair with a pencil skirt.

    RMJuly 24th, 2022  8:52 PM

  • Hello Preston, Thank you for sharing, these are interesting! If you have time, I am curious to learn how you might style the short boot?
    Thank you,

    GraceJuly 24th, 2022  9:57 PM

  • I’m one of those people who never liked crepe soles. I also realized that I do not like wedge heels as to me these end up feeling like walking on a rigid platform and I prefer the give between the front and heel of the shoe when walking (although crepe soles may be more “giving.” But, to each her own! If you know what you love and can envision how you will wear them, by all means, go for them!

    RebeccaJuly 25th, 2022  9:04 AM

  • Quick crepe sole story. I had a pair of wedge crepe sole mary janes from Clergerie. They were iconic so after a couple of seasons of wear, I put them away in my closet for when the trend would come around again . Fast forward 3 years or so, feeling clever in my saving them. I put them on my feet and felt the crepe sole crumble beneath my feet. The humidity in my closet was obviously not proper and they deteriorated. So fair warning, store them carefully.

    karenJuly 25th, 2022  12:23 PM

  • If I were taller, I would style the short boots with slim jeans tucked in. I have my eye on the tall brown pair…

    PrestonJuly 25th, 2022  1:04 PM

  • I am not a fan of crepe soles for the same reason Karen mentioned. I got an old pair of IM wedge boots, and although they are pretty high, they are one of my most comfortable heeled boots. They also look really cool to this day, even though they are from sometimes in 2010-2015 time period. They are black pony hair and suede. They instantly make a simple shirt and skinny jeans tucked into them look sexy.

    ameeJuly 25th, 2022  5:05 PM

  • I’m with Dianne…those look like an invitation to disaster! I know millions of women wear very high heels and platforms with no problem, but I just know I’d twist an ankle! Granted, I am up there in age, but several years ago I purchased a pair of espadrilles with a high wedge…they looked good and my husband loved them, but back they went. The risk was too much for me!

    SharonJuly 26th, 2022  7:23 AM


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