July 26th, 2022
On My Mind

A Shift in Thinking Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Image above photography by Nathaniel Goldberg and styling by Alex White

Metallics are all the rage as seen in the FW22 and recent haute couture collections. I bought the Valentino Logo chain pumps in gold to be a nod to the trend, but after seeing this Louis Vuitton dress (which reads metallic) in August Elle above and on the runway below, my thinking on how to wear metallics shifted. Styled with a trench and sneakers is very chic.

  • Couldn’t agree more, wore a sequin tunic with a shorts suit to dinner last night. Their take on a tweedy metallic is dreamy and the shape with pockets and a trench is going on my Pinterest board. Thanks!

    SueMJuly 26th, 2022  10:09 AM

  • I love metallic shoes in silver. I consider them a neutral. However, that dress with a trench that resembles a barn coat from JCrew doesn’t fly with me. It seems like since COVID 19, fashion has hit a lull. I long for the days when I saw a Prada show and wanted to buy the whole collection. Are you seeing any pieces that are appealing to you? I’m not and the shoes and handbags are the only things I find appealing.

    TracyJuly 26th, 2022  10:20 AM

  • I agree with you , Tracy. I did not see anything in the FW22 Vuitton show that was even remotely appealing or that seemed as if it would be flattering to wear.
    I do love metallics though, both for evening and day; albeit if for day, in a more subtle or limited amount. I don’t think these ever go out of style.

    RebeccaJuly 26th, 2022  10:48 AM

  • Tracy, I went back and looked at my FW22 show posts and nothing went onto a list, except accessories. The leather jacket my friends designed and made for me is my prize for the season. The Row Scarves, too.

    PrestonJuly 26th, 2022  1:35 PM

  • Ok, so I’m not the only one. Any word on Phoebe Philo’s new line? More info was to be available in January and I’ve seen nothing. That would make me excited about fashion again.

    TracyJuly 26th, 2022  2:31 PM

  • With the 2nd mention of the leather jacket your friends made I realize I didn’t write you the first time . I bought an Alaïa motorcycle jacket in Paris this spring but I fear I am just too old for it . I love my deerskin My Dear Tejas Workdshop Knickerbocker jacket but yours sounds more polished . Is yours only a friend to friend situation ? Or is it their business ? I would love to be a grateful client !

    Brooke GarberJuly 26th, 2022  2:55 PM

  • I like that whole look, except I’m not grabbed by the sneakers. A boot, loafer or oxford would be more in keeping overall, I think. I love the collared shirt, trench and tie.

    AprilJuly 26th, 2022  7:12 PM

  • An article in last weekend’s WSJ (related to gardens) headlined, “The Beauty of Monotony,” completely captured my frame of mind these days. It could easily become my new mantra for everything ~ the home, garden, clothing. 🙂

    PaulaJuly 26th, 2022  11:47 PM

  • I love the white button down with the gold, almost brocade, dress – although my take on it would probably be a slouchy scrunched up white button down with a gold skirt.

    GeorgieJuly 27th, 2022  5:02 PM

  • What a wonderful coincidence yesterday when I came home and read the comments on this post. While visiting Saint Helena I stopped in at Carter and Co and happened to see the My Dear Tejas deerskin jackets mentioned above. I emailed Susan who drove up to the store today from SFO to fit me in a chocolate brown jacket! It was suppose to be … I’m so happy and think it’s going to fit my dream of the perfect polished leather jacket! xo

    DebJuly 27th, 2022  5:23 PM


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