July 27th, 2022
On My Mind

The End of the Beginning

Acorn Street, in Beacon Hill, Boston, Massachusetts.

My sage friend LS said this to me when I told her I am in Boston helping my youngest daughter move to Beacon Hill — next week she starts her first postcollege job. LS is right, it is the end of the beginning, and as a rational human I knew it was inevitable but it’s still strange and a bit sad.

For me, coming to Boston is coming home. I remember clearly why I left postcollege to work in NYC and have happily been a New Yorker for 30 some-odd years. However, I could easily see myself living here now. Boston has changed a lot, and yet not at all. We are staying across the street from my mother’s last apartment and, once again, I am reminded that life is a circle.

  • How well expressed. What a bittersweet time.

    KarenJuly 27th, 2022  10:52 AM

  • I also grew up in Boston. Then moved to NC, then to Northern California where I have been for 20 years. We just bought a vacation home in Manchester by the Sea, MA to be near family! Another full circle moment. Summertime love,

    Pamela TaftJuly 27th, 2022  11:18 AM

  • Sage one, that LS. What an exciting time for both you and your daughter. I too love Boston. It’s such a manageable and livable city.

    LisaJuly 27th, 2022  11:19 AM

  • Thank you for sharing this. I think about passing through the beginning of the end—and appreciate the beautiful way you put words around it. It sounds like your daughter’s new beginning, now, is a strong one.

    RMJuly 27th, 2022  11:21 AM

  • Beautifully said, and what a stunning accompanying image.

    MarchelineJuly 27th, 2022  11:42 AM

  • Perfectly put. Bittersweet is pleasure tinged with sadness says the dictionary and as a mother it is familiar. Beautiful shot.

    SueMJuly 27th, 2022  12:03 PM

  • As a NYer, I spent 15 years in Boston and I know this corner very well. It is one of those cities that changes and yet appears not to at the same time. I hope this chapter in your daughter’s life opens up a new door for you to see Boston through her eyes. Sending hugs. x

    SeverineJuly 27th, 2022  1:20 PM

  • I found this beginning much harder than dropping my daughter off to college. Beautifully expressed Preston, as always. And congratulations to G.

    KathyJuly 27th, 2022  2:05 PM

  • Boston is a great place for the end of the beginning. It has such an academic, historic feel the transition from school to work will be a more comfortable one, I would think. Best of luck and congratulations to your daughter.

    AprilJuly 27th, 2022  3:48 PM

  • I gave her a membership to the Boston Athenæum with that very thought in mind. It was my favorite place.

    PrestonJuly 27th, 2022  4:13 PM

  • Love the sentiments on this post.

    TQJuly 27th, 2022  6:23 PM

  • I also have a daughter transitioning to “real job” and apartment, after graduating from college. Loved your piece, bittersweet although we prepare them to fly, it is so hard to let go.

    SusanJuly 27th, 2022  7:57 PM

  • Wonderful post-going through the same thing experience with my daughter and sharing similar feelings. Proud, excited yet bittersweet and a bit sad. Thank you for sharing.

    SusanJuly 27th, 2022  8:02 PM

  • I just moved my oldest into her first “grownup” apartment post-college. It’s weird, beautiful, happy, and sad all at once. Loved this post-thank you.

    Meghan QuinnJuly 27th, 2022  8:37 PM

  • Lovely sentiments, indeed! Helping adult children get situated post college is its own parenting milestone. The blessing, of course, is when children are well prepared for this new chapter and eager to enter it. And for that, Moms and Dads, take a bow. (An aside – my daughter and son-in-law moved there a year ago and absolutely love it!)

    PaulaJuly 27th, 2022  10:10 PM

  • Smart, rich and beautiful.

    M K OkayJuly 28th, 2022  6:54 PM

  • I’ve been to Boston once and fell-in-love. I can’t wait to go back and drive to Lexington and Stonewall Kitchen in New Hampshire. I love Mike’s Pastry and Carmalita’s/Carmalina’s.

    Anita RivasAugust 3rd, 2022  6:11 PM


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