July 28th, 2022
On Vogue Scandinavia

How To Keep Your White Laundry White

Thank you, Vogue Scandinavia, for the 5 expert tips on how to keep your white laundry white — very timely and helpful.

Photo: Katrine Gøth & Sissel Abel

  • Great tips!! Especially the bicarbonate. Big fan.

    I’m trying to track down a black leather & suede handbag you posted approx 6 months ago. Can not recall the designer & a bit obsessed. About 8×11 & small handle on top. Ring any bells? Sincere thx.

    C murphyJuly 28th, 2022  7:57 PM

  • So bicarbonate is just baking soda. Works well if your sweet puppy has an accident, as well.Now that we are getting down into the weeds.

    Carey swanJuly 28th, 2022  8:57 PM

  • A bit skeptical about the milk, but I’m willing to try. Thanks for the tips!

    SharonJuly 28th, 2022  9:05 PM


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