July 29th, 2022
On My Mind

Dear Brooke, Wear The Jacket

My friend Brooke left a comment on a post earlier this week saying “I bought an Alaïa motorcycle jacket in Paris this spring but I fear I am just too old for it.” This got me thinking about biker jackets and all the photos of Emmanuelle Alt looking insanely chic in a number of them. I haven’t worn a motorcycle jacket in years, but after Brooke’s comment, I wanted one. Lo and behold, while roaming Newbury Street in Boston, I came across this SS20 Gucci jacket at Revolve — kismet.

Brooke, in my book a biker jacket is ageless and I’m rerunning the picture below from a 2014 post on this very topic.

  • PRESTON- I hope you bought that jacket! Revolve is an amazing store. And Brooke should totally wear the jacket. It’s ageless. Brava!!

    SeverineJuly 29th, 2022  3:09 PM

  • oh WEAR that jacket … it’s gorgeous!

    GayleJuly 29th, 2022  3:33 PM

  • Interesting topic! I am wondering why Ines de la Fressange says that she will not anymore wear leather jackets (as well as miniskirts, fur coats, and skinny jeans). I have some cool leather jackets in my closet but not wearing them…

    LuluJuly 29th, 2022  4:35 PM

  • You’re never too old to wear a biker jacket! The Gucci you found is perfection.

    LisaJuly 29th, 2022  5:24 PM

  • Severine– I hesitated for about a nanosecond 😉

    PrestonJuly 29th, 2022  5:28 PM

  • I have had and worn some iteration of a biker jacket for 40 years. Most recent one was custom made by a Canadian company called bythenamesake. They are timelessly chic and can’t wait to see you in yours. Holy smokes that post was 2014?! Feels like last month and I still love love her scarf with it.

    SueMJuly 29th, 2022  9:13 PM

  • The Gucci jacket is beautiful! And IMF/EU bank chief Christine Lagarde is often photographed in the same elegant leather motorcycle jacket and I’ve often wondered who makes it.

    GeorgieJuly 30th, 2022  12:06 PM

  • Clara Gaymard is one of my lesser known style icons. I don’t know if you permit links in the comment section, but here she is with more leather jacket outfits:





    IoAugust 1st, 2022  8:24 AM

  • I LOVE this. I’ve done so many closet clean outs over the past few years and have been unable to part with my NG for Balenciaga moto as well as my padded PP for Celine. I haven’t worn them in years, but perhaps it’s time to break them back out this fall. Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

    Cole MichelleAugust 1st, 2022  10:10 AM

  • Go visit Castanet Designer Consignment at 175 Newbury–best pieces are in the section of the shop closest to the register.

    CPAugust 1st, 2022  12:23 PM


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