August 29th, 2022
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The Patent Slingback Pump

I’ve been thinking about the Saint Laurent patent slingback pumps from a post a few days ago, but the Chanel slingbacks above are pretty great, too. And the Khaite version below is also lovely. Hmm…

  • Love all three, gorgeous.

    NinaAugust 29th, 2022  9:43 AM

  • Very excited for the Chanel FW 2022 collection to be in the stores.

    ClaireAugust 29th, 2022  9:45 AM

  • Have always had patent leather slings in my wardrobe. Heartening (and kind of amusing) when the classics are rediscovered!

    LizAugust 29th, 2022  12:06 PM

  • How else would you style them sling backs ? I passed on a great pair the other day bc I really don’t have that many occasions to dress up but they have called to me ever since ;). Practically speaking, I would have to style them with more casual clothes. Would love any thoughts you or your readers have on how to style them with more causal clothes .

    Thank you,

    GraceAugust 29th, 2022  1:51 PM

  • I will wear mine with jeans and an oversized sweater.

    PrestonAugust 29th, 2022  3:13 PM

  • I remember when this heel was called the “squash” heel. Happily, at the time I was too young to wear any heel, but it goes way back. Anyone else remember? A predecessor of the kitten heel.

    AprilAugust 29th, 2022  4:28 PM

  • Grace, like Preston, I wear patent slingbacks with anything and don’t save it for Spring/summer either. Most recent patent shoe was probably four years ago – a Jimmy Choo (Gemma) suede upper and patent block heel slingback, and it is really great with jeans, a black wool jersey dress and tights, a wool pant and cashmere sweater, and, as of this fall, Dior jeans from Spring + their bar jacket, belted. Because of the suede, I typically wear these in cooler seasons. I have Manolo Blahnik’s Carolyne slingbacks in black patent, and I love that they named it ‘Gala Fabio.’ Black patent is feminine and feels a bit sassy. Who could ever be in a bad mood wearing black patent shoes? I always think of my Mom going out the door with Dad on Saturday nights in her black patent pumps, and us stuck with a stern sitter. And, of course, Barbie wore patent leather heels, too, and I grew up with her, so maybe that’s part of my attraction? Btw, ‘Grace’ is one of my favorite names.

    PaulaAugust 29th, 2022  9:25 PM

  • Love the slingbacks but not the patent. Too stiff for my feet.

    MMSAugust 30th, 2022  3:22 AM

  • I’m afraid I have to agree with MMS as my feet are so particular these days. No problems, just out of the habit with heels. Have a Proenza leather pair and Givenchy suede kitten heel that I love and also wear as you said with jeans and sweater.

    SueMAugust 30th, 2022  9:34 AM

  • Paula ,
    What a lovely memory you shared – thank you! Such a graceful description of the Saturday nights of your parents!
    Thank you for the wonderful styling ideas. They do have a pull and I am energized by the styling Ideas you shared!
    Thank you 🙂

    GraceSeptember 2nd, 2022  1:33 AM

  • Preston, thank you for your generosity, that is a stylish idea that is both practical and unexpected. I hope I can try it out if I find that pair I passed on……
    Thank you,

    GraceSeptember 2nd, 2022  1:35 AM

  • Slingbacks are super-chic!

    That's Not My AgeSeptember 5th, 2022  12:04 PM


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