December 21st, 2022
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Jewelry Tailored

Almost every piece of clothing I buy gets tailored — fit is everything. After a post last week on a  jewelry wardrobe, I’ve been playing with the placement of my rings and a local jeweler has been altering sizes as I move them around. He, also, did not give me a hard time when I removed the white gold bands on my two trinity rings. Doubles are easier for me to stack and I was always turning the white gold band to the back. These are now my foundation rings and I can add Mother’s opal to my middle finger above, cocktail rings on my pointers, signet to my right pinkie, and diamond rings with my wedding band. Makes it easy to mix things up.

  • I wear all gold jewelry other than my wedding band and engagement ring which are platinum. I’ve been thinking a lot about buying just a simple gold band and wearing it in place of the platinum pieces. This is just the incentive I need to do that.

    STDecember 21st, 2022  11:17 AM

  • Brilliant! Cartier should make a double ring. I never realized why the Trinity doesn’t sit right on my finger.

    LisaDecember 21st, 2022  2:55 PM

  • Great idea!
    Mixing, matching and stacking gold rings into different configurations is somehow very satisfying.

    SusanDecember 21st, 2022  4:41 PM

  • This makes the rings your own! I never thought of removing one ring from the trinity set, but double interlocking rings can lay better. I’ve also found that having posts repositioned on earrings, or a necklace slightly shortened, can make all the difference.

    RMDecember 21st, 2022  10:00 PM

  • Just curious, what did you do with the white ring in your trinity ring?

    TracyDecember 21st, 2022  10:07 PM

  • Yes, gutsy but brilliant idea with the Trinity rings. I may steal it!

    LisaDecember 22nd, 2022  2:00 AM

  • Tracy- I put the white gold bands in a pouch with my platinum jewelry.

    PrestonDecember 22nd, 2022  6:45 AM

  • I love it when jewelry is a topic here. And yes, I too wish Cartier would make a double ring, all in yellow gold. Cartier, are you listening?

    PJBDecember 22nd, 2022  7:42 AM

  • Hi, I love this idea. Would you be inclined to name the local jeweler you are using?

    Jill ReiterDecember 22nd, 2022  8:08 AM

  • 27K in Katonah, NY

    PrestonDecember 22nd, 2022  8:09 AM

  • Some great ring-spiration here. 27K is a wonderful little jeweler, and the guy that owns it is both incredibly nice and knowledgeable. Hope you stopped by LMNOP for a treat!

    bllDecember 22nd, 2022  8:32 AM

  • I found him by going to the new LMNOP bakery!

    PrestonDecember 22nd, 2022  10:27 AM

  • Your tailoring source recommendation in NYC?

    cpDecember 22nd, 2022  4:26 PM

  • I was thinking maybe you combined the white gold ones into another ring. That’s an idea.

    TracyDecember 22nd, 2022  4:40 PM

  • Alteration Specialists. Marva at the 30 east 60th location.

    PrestonDecember 22nd, 2022  4:57 PM

  • Love this idea. I have a jeweller who is within walking distance. My family has been in to alter, fiddle and create with him so much over the years he’s become a friend.
    Your rings suit you so well.

    SueMDecember 22nd, 2022  7:06 PM

  • Such a great topic, I was going to comment on your earlier post.
    After living in SE Asia for a number of years I had bangles, earrings and more in 24 carat but my taste and style had evolved so I rarely wore any of those pieces.
    Eventually I found a wonderful jeweller who melted down all of my gold to create two outstanding 18 carat pieces – an elegant and substantial collar with a cleverly hidden hook on the inside, so I wear plain or feature one of two pendants, a pearl or a large citrine ‘jewel’ as my daughter used to call it; the second piece is simply a heavy bangle.
    These along with my Rolex,18 carat Georg Jensen Nanna Ditzel ring, 18c Koppel Sail brooch, magnificent Margot McKinney pearls and earrings and a few other distinctive pieces comprise a curated collection that resonates with me, lifts anything I wear and brings me joy.

    PetrinaDecember 22nd, 2022  10:56 PM

  • Well, it doesn’t have to be Cartier. If any regular jeweler removed the white band, any regular jeweler can create a new one, a double one. Unless it must be with a Cartier logo.

    Rue des GirofleeDecember 23rd, 2022  3:18 AM


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