December 29th, 2022
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New Year’s Eve At Home

A cozy New Year’s Eve à deux sounds like the perfect ending to a good and busy 2022. Even though it’s just the two of us at home, I’ll add a little sparkle. I snapped up the Commission skirt when it went on sale and the Chanel slingbacks have been a workhorse in my wardrobe this fall and winter — worth every penny. I have many similar grey sweaters to this Bottega Veneta, although, if it goes on sale I won’t hesitate to add it to my collection.

  • Happy New Year to you and the KIC gang!

    Looking forward to intetesting posts and lively interactions in 2023.

    SusanDecember 29th, 2022  9:43 AM

  • Happy New Year, Preston! Thank you for continuing to be such an inspiration to me. You and @fastened2fashion are going to convince me to splurge on those Chanel slingbacks! Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineDecember 29th, 2022  11:27 AM

  • Happy New Year Preston, all good things to come, enjoy your lovely evening. That skirt looks so good on you! Ours will be the usual silk pyjamas, martinis, oysters and BCS football.

    SueMDecember 29th, 2022  2:09 PM

  • Happy New Year P – you look great in that outfit.

    KathyDecember 30th, 2022  7:57 AM

  • Thank you, Kathy, and a very Happy New Year to you and your adorable family. I got COVID on the flight to Florida last week — first time — so I’m really looking forward to a nice NYE out of isolation in my office and daughter’s bedroom!

    PrestonDecember 30th, 2022  8:51 AM

  • Here’s to a Happy, Healthy 2023! Sorry about the Covid…we are still masking indoors and staying out of restaurants in our attempt to stay Covid-free (we are in our 70s). Ordering in for New Year’s from our favorite Spanish restaurant…but we’ve been doing it for years!

    SharonDecember 30th, 2022  9:17 AM

  • My favorite posts are those with images of you, dear Preston! You look great, and the outfit is perfection. Would love a post about your closet/dressing room! Cheers to keeping it chic in 2023!

    KristiDecember 30th, 2022  6:50 PM

  • Happy New Year, Preston! You are a GREAT friend! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2023 (and I agree, that skirt looks amazing on you)

    KateDecember 31st, 2022  8:18 AM

  • Preston! So happy I discovered you this year! Love your style and unpretentious approach. So funny you and my nursery school ‘Helen’are already thick as thieves. Such a small

    Helen KippaxDecember 31st, 2022  10:44 AM

  • Happy New Years Preston. I am thankful for you and hope you feel better. @marchelineisabelle, the Chanel shoes are really the best.

    TracyDecember 31st, 2022  11:15 AM

  • Happy New Year Preston. You look beautiful!

    NancyDecember 31st, 2022  2:45 PM

  • Sounds like a divine NYE. You look beautiful- Happy 2023

    KaraDecember 31st, 2022  11:26 PM

  • Just seeing the photo of you now. Beyond chic! Love it. Perfect holiday outfit. It looks comfortable too!

    Lisa EastmanJanuary 1st, 2023  4:37 PM


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