January 2nd, 2023
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Now that the holidays are in the rearview, I’m trying to do a bit of catch up. I finally read Marcia DeSanctis’s A Hard Place To Leave — it’s superb. And I’m trying to see Living before I leave for Paris next week. The Anri Sala exhibition at Bourse de Commerce Pinault Collection tops my Paris to-do list. And, I live in these hiking boots in black and just bought a pair in beige. Speaking of beige, I’m struggling to find a beige polish that suits me, so in the meantime, I’m going dark brown.

  • Dear Preston,

    With the new year upon us, perhaps you could take a few moments to discuss a basic wardrobe for women who are no longer going into the office each day who desire to look chic without expanding vast amounts on wardrobe. For some of us, we do not enjoy the daily visual inputs available to those in larger metropolitan areas, nor do we enjoy frequent travel – so necessary for providing us with a sense of tasteful norms for daily dress. Just an idea. All of the best!

    TraceyJanuary 2nd, 2023  11:16 AM

  • What might the brand and style name of the hiking boots be? Many thanks, they look great!

    SarahJanuary 2nd, 2023  12:32 PM

  • Happy New Year to you, Preston! I just returned from France, both Paris and the countryside during cold/wet and holiday season; it was a challenging packing situation. Every time I think I have cracked the packing code, I realize I haven’t. 🙂 I would love to hear what you are packing for your January trip.
    Regarding nail color, while in the Hermes store, the one close to Le Bon Marche, I found myself drawn to their beauty counter ~ and after generous time spent with a lovely sales associate, I came away with 2 lipsticks, nail polish, and a compact. She shared that skin care is coming! And, just like that, I went from an early skeptic to a happy customer. I must say what an entirely different experience it is shopping Hermes in Paris vs. the States. It was a buzz with cheerful, approachable sales associates, eager to spend time talking about their products. The experience of shopping Hermes in the States has become so ridiculous, it began to affect my attitude toward the brand altogether. Turns out it’s not the brand, rather it’s the people working there and the whole process of getting in the door. The experience was entirely different in Paris: fun, friendly, welcoming, and of course, an amazing visual treat.

    PaulaJanuary 2nd, 2023  12:41 PM

  • Oops, just added link to the Eddie Bauer boots.

    PrestonJanuary 2nd, 2023  12:55 PM

  • I just returned from Paris and echo the sentiments expressed above about Hermes. The Bourse de Commerce was very special and open New Years Day as was Le Samaritaine which was also very beautiful. I regret not getting back to Ports 1961 to shop as they closed earlier than we thought but there is always next time. The Monet/Mitchell exhibition at LVF was worth the visit. I wandered into this shop in the Marais that was great and they make many pieces from fabric remnants from major fashion houses- erotokritos ! It was timely you posted about the Habitually Chic Paris Guide. We found it very helpful. Enjoy your travels.

    Terri FriedmanJanuary 2nd, 2023  1:17 PM

  • Surely you have tried the DIOR polish?? If not do..I love the wide brush. There are two colors that I like, you might try
    Muguet and Cashmere. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    Jean O'KornJanuary 2nd, 2023  2:23 PM

  • Hi Preston!
    I like Chanel Le Vernis nail lacquer in Organdi, a very neutral, mauvy-beige.

    GigiJanuary 2nd, 2023  4:14 PM

  • The Hermes lip balms — both the colorless and the tinted ones — are amazing. It’s like a little treat to carry around this platonic ideal of a lip balm in the beautiful case. It’s my new go-to gift for friends. And they can be purchased online, so no need to go into one of the Hermes stores here in the US, which I agree are beyond ridiculous. The new Madison Avenue shop is both beautiful and obnoxious.

    LaurenJanuary 2nd, 2023  6:51 PM

  • I love that Hermes brown polish. I’ve been getting dip nails…I will ask my nail tech if she has a beige color and a brown for future reference!

    SharonJanuary 2nd, 2023  7:12 PM

  • Agree with @Paula & @TerriFriedman about the shopping experience at stateside Hermes boutiques. Just returned from Paris/London trip, what a joy it was to be greeted and shown without attitude new items. Additionally the prices were better of course with the exchange. The saleswoman at the St-Honoré boutique was knowledgeable about the history of a plate design I was interested and she gave me all sorts of samples of the parfum, lipstick and nail polish. My usual impatience daughter was with me and also enjoyed the Hermes experience.

    RonicaJanuary 2nd, 2023  7:26 PM

  • Happy New Year, Preston! I totally agree with comments regarding shopping Hermes stateside versus Europe. We just returned from holidays in London where I was a bit blown away by the warmth and kindness of sales associates in high-end shops (particularly Hermes .) I, too, had begun to sour on the brand despite my love for the quality, aesthetic, history and my experience abroad was reinvigorating. And Preston, thank you for this wonderful forum!

    GigiJanuary 3rd, 2023  1:21 PM

  • I’m with Gigi ~ thank you to Preston for this wonderful forum!

    PaulaJanuary 4th, 2023  10:30 PM

  • Preston,

    Did you have to buy the Eddie Bauer black hiking boot in the mens? I also have the beige, but can only find the black in the mens dept.


    DawnJanuary 22nd, 2023  6:11 PM

  • I bought them a few years ago. They’ll make black for women again.

    PrestonJanuary 22nd, 2023  7:03 PM


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