February 7th, 2023
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A Fine Burgundy

A few years ago I was eyeing the Gucci 1955 bag in cherry red, but didn’t go there. However, my beloved Saint Laurent hobo in burgundy is another matter altogether and I’ve already pre-ordered it. Burgundy looks really good — chic with grey and a nice alternative to my brown and tan bags.  Expected to ship late July, this hobo will be ideal for fall. My first of five — or, second if I count the Saint Laurent boots from Paris…

  • Burgundy does look fresh to me these days, too. I love the knee socks with the black.

    AprilFebruary 7th, 2023  11:22 AM

  • Love this! So old school and fab and classic — chic

    ARBFebruary 7th, 2023  11:51 AM

  • Burgundy looks so new and fresh! You’re right – a great alternative to tan or brown

    LisaFebruary 7th, 2023  1:00 PM

  • Oh yes to all that! My Bordeaux Ferragamo is a small but not mini structured boxy shape with handle and crossbody strap. I pulled it forward in the closet as it hadn’t seen much use for awhile. It’s color is perfection especially in the fall. Guessing it’s about 8-10 years young?! It’s a yummy color!! Have fun with that!

    PaulaFebruary 7th, 2023  1:13 PM

  • My school and sorority colors! I hated them then but now worth a re-visit. I love the hobo version of the 5 a 7.

    MMSFebruary 7th, 2023  3:23 PM

  • Nobody is counting-that was before you started “the 5”. Love, love burgundy and grey. Honestly I think I like this colour in your bag most of all. What a lovely thing to look forward to arriving.

    SueMFebruary 7th, 2023  6:19 PM

  • I have very much enjoyed the Goyard Saint Louis PM in burgundy. Not a groundbreaking purchase whatsoever; however, I am in complete agreement that it provides a fresh alternative to more neutral hues. Looking forward to Preston’s styling of the Saint Laurent hobo later this year!

    JuliaFebruary 7th, 2023  6:47 PM

  • That burgundy hobo will be like the finishing touch of red lipstick.

    SLFFebruary 7th, 2023  9:43 PM

  • Don’t count the boots!

    LeeFebruary 8th, 2023  2:01 AM

  • My most useful purchase in January was the APC clutch albane in burgundy – it fits just a phone, wallet and passport but flat enough to slip into a carryon, and doubles as an evening clutch if you remove the straps. The burgundy/oxblood looks great with a navy coat too. Initially a ‘passport bag’ but I’ve been using it for errands to keep my keys/wallet/phone close, and it slips into my large work tote.

    GeorgieFebruary 9th, 2023  10:21 AM


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