April 25th, 2023
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Easy Evening

For dinner out with my husband, I wore my new Saint Laurent short sleeve wool polo with a go-to satin skirt (Abercrombie nipped from my daughter), Dior mules (I went down a full size), and a Bottega Veneta mini pouch that I am loving again.

  • Lookin’ good!

    JaniceApril 25th, 2023  10:45 AM

  • Love: looks great!

    Victoria stricklerApril 25th, 2023  11:23 AM

  • You look fabulous!

    MaryBApril 25th, 2023  11:45 AM

  • Perfect illustration of taking joy in your things, you look fabulous. Hope dinner was lovely.

    SueMApril 25th, 2023  12:00 PM

  • Absolute timeless perfection. You look gorgeous.

    JeanetteApril 25th, 2023  12:32 PM

  • Very chic! Such a terrific picture of you. Have fun!

    TraceyApril 25th, 2023  1:27 PM

  • wauw!! you look fantabulous!!

    carolApril 25th, 2023  1:27 PM

  • Perfect look! I love separates for that very reason–mixing old and new and knowing no one will be wearing the same look. On another note, I purchased my BV pouch in Venice for $800 in 2019. I wish my investment portfolio had increased in the same measure as the pouch! Handbag prices are unbelievable these days.

    BarbaraApril 25th, 2023  1:37 PM

  • Barbara, I too bought the pouch in 2019 for $800 – had the very same thought when I posted this morning…. xPreston

    PrestonApril 25th, 2023  1:55 PM

  • This is elegant. You make a potentially tricky skirt length quite lovely.

    RMApril 25th, 2023  2:11 PM

  • Wonderful, Preston!

    disneyrollergirlApril 25th, 2023  3:28 PM

  • So chic!

    KnealeApril 25th, 2023  3:43 PM

  • Hi Preston, you look beautiful. So classic and feminine. I have a novice question – I’ve been considering the BV mini-pouch in the color Plaster. Would that color look pretty with an ensemble similar to yours? I am attempting to cultivate forever pieces and am your humble student, lol! Thank you again for all of the beautiful inspiration.

    SherryApril 25th, 2023  6:34 PM

  • Plaster is the ultimate neutral, goes with everything. p

    PrestonApril 25th, 2023  6:56 PM

  • Thank you Preston! xo

    SherryApril 25th, 2023  6:58 PM

  • You look wonderful, and those shoes are divine.

    AprilApril 25th, 2023  8:00 PM

  • Really beautiful photo and a terrific combination of pieces! I really like the hem length of your skirt. And . . . it’s all the more chic because it’s . . . black! 🙂

    PaulaApril 26th, 2023  12:21 AM

  • You look fabulous!

    KathyApril 26th, 2023  7:01 AM

  • Love the look!
    Preston, I noticed your double earrings, one ear or both ?

    SusanApril 26th, 2023  9:42 AM

  • So lovely, Preston!

    gail c.April 26th, 2023  10:14 AM

  • One ear has two, other ear one.

    PrestonApril 26th, 2023  10:15 AM

  • Super Chic!

    That's Not My AgeApril 26th, 2023  11:29 AM

  • Beautiful!

    ErinApril 26th, 2023  12:18 PM

  • Love! I have that same BV mini pouch in a woven style and I have had some trouble with the long strap. I’ve been wearing it doubled as a shoulder bag. Do you use the strap and if so how do you wear it? Or do you use it solely as a clutch? Thanks!

    EmmaApril 26th, 2023  12:50 PM

  • Hi Emma- mine is the first iteration and did not come with a strap. xPreston

    PrestonApril 26th, 2023  12:59 PM

  • On point, as always Preston!

    SharonMay 1st, 2023  2:37 PM


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