June 27th, 2023
On My Mind

Doubles Dilemma

At lunch with a friend last week, the waitress remarked that she loved my sunglasses. Weirdly, I get complimented on this Saint Laurent pair a lot. Her comment made me wonder if I should get a second pair, a backup pair just in case. I’ve been working very hard to break my doubles habit, but may make an exception with these…

  • I think sunglasses that you love, are an exception because they’re easy to lose or break. I’d love to see these on you.

    KathyJune 27th, 2023  9:54 AM

  • I didn’t bring them with me to Wyoming, will snap a pic when I get home. At the ranch spreading the last 3rd of Mother with her father. Popped a handful of Tylenol this morning to get back in the saddle….

    PrestonJune 27th, 2023  10:42 AM

  • I support duplicates in pieces it would be hard to live without. These look like such a great pair. My husband has two pairs of his favorite Ray Bans, one to keep in the car and another to keep in the house. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineJune 27th, 2023  9:44 PM

  • I love a good plastic framed aviator. I loved your Ray Bans in this style so much I bought my own. Would be curious to see how these differ on your face from your Ray Bans. I feel like these take the style up a notch with the gold.

    STJune 28th, 2023  12:03 AM

  • Can you please tell me if these glasses catch in your hair when you put them on the top of your head? Thanks!

    MindyJune 28th, 2023  5:39 AM

  • Yes, they can catch your hair when worn on your head

    PrestonJune 28th, 2023  7:14 AM

  • So I also have a doubles habit that I’m trying so hard to break and it isn’t easy. In this case, however, I think you need to go for it! Hope I’m not a bad influence! Xx, Heidi

    Heidi WynneJune 28th, 2023  10:11 PM

  • This is the second pair (or third) of sunglasses I’ve purchased after seeing them here on KIC. Mine are coming today!

    SharonJune 29th, 2023  9:32 AM

  • The doubles habit has never worked for me in practice. I’ve either only used the original, or when replacing something beloved, never used the replacement. It’s almost as of I outgrew it by replacing it. Go figure….

    Julie AnnJuly 6th, 2023  1:56 PM


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