September 24th, 2023

Reclaim Your Closet & Rediscover the Joy of Getting Dressed by Allison Bornstein

The Wall Street Journal has a fantastic Q&A with stylist Allison Bornstein on her new book, Wear it Well. I love Allison’s three-word method, a “…foolproof approach to discovering your personal style: Choose three adjectives that describe how you dress, or how you want to dress.” And, I’m right there with her on the importance of belts, “a slept-on accessory.”

  • Great piece; would love to know if you have three adjectives Preston?

    MargaretSeptember 24th, 2023  12:51 PM

  • I’m thinking about it! Hard to distill one’s personal style to three words. Would love to know everyone’s words.

    PrestonSeptember 24th, 2023  2:04 PM

  • I just pre-ordered it – coming this Tuesday. I too would love to know Preston’s words and everyone else’s. So fun!

    KathySeptember 24th, 2023  3:42 PM

  • I have been following Allison for a while. Her tips are really helpful. I just bought her book too.

    DeborahSeptember 24th, 2023  4:05 PM

  • Preppy with Pizzaz !

    SusanSeptember 24th, 2023  4:45 PM

  • This sounds so fun!
    I’m wearing my 23 year old dress, shoes, and a cotton H scarf on my travels right now. Quality over quantity wins every time. Can’t wait to check out this book when I return!

    PaulaSeptember 24th, 2023  4:55 PM

  • So clever, love the concept too!

    disneyrollergirlSeptember 25th, 2023  6:30 AM

  • Just preordered. Perfect time of the year to organize your closet. I too would love to know your three words, Preston.

    Lisa EastmanSeptember 25th, 2023  7:24 AM

  • Neutrals. Quiet. Luxury.

    Jill wolderSeptember 25th, 2023  8:52 AM

  • Preston, When I think of your words I think, luxury, modern, timeless.

    karenSeptember 25th, 2023  9:55 AM

  • Here are the three words I use to remind myself when choosing what I love or want to wear: You be you. I don’t want to follow trends or own the next best thing that everyone is obsessed with.

    LisaSeptember 25th, 2023  9:56 AM

  • Having working with Allison, I can vouch that she is 100% worth the hype!

    KristiSeptember 25th, 2023  10:27 AM

  • I love timeless classics with an edge. I also wear my logo bags and clutches like Chanel, Vuitton, Gucci and Dior because I am not going to get rid of them just because. I bought them for a reason, still love them and they too can be timeless. This has been my style since 2001. Also, in 2001, I purchased a cape which was my first piece of Prada. I still wear it. I don’t understand quiet luxury because if you like and follow fashion like me, I can look at a person and tell where they purchased or who designed their clothing, like the Row. So is that really quiet? I think the bling factor is still there when you’re toting a 4K Margaux.

    TracySeptember 25th, 2023  1:11 PM

  • My 3 descriptors: Comfortable Elegant Minimal

    GingerSeptember 25th, 2023  3:36 PM

  • I can’t wait for Allison’s book to arrive tomorrow! And if anyone wants to do a deep dive on “style words” (including getting it down to TWO), try the book Style Statement by Carrie McCarthy and Danielle LaPorte (from 2008) A whole book on “defining your authentic self” by finding two “profoundly descriptive” words.

    Lisa MacSeptember 25th, 2023  5:38 PM

  • Two words! Perhaps: clean and offset.

    RMSeptember 25th, 2023  6:15 PM

  • Timeless, ageless, personal.

    IrinaSeptember 25th, 2023  6:21 PM

  • Oooh – the 3 adjectives are making me think. I feel like I have a few different sets of adjectives for different parts of my life. Anyone else? 🙂

    BonnySeptember 25th, 2023  7:11 PM

  • Timeless, elegant, modern

    JanetSeptember 25th, 2023  7:31 PM

  • I keep seeing press about this book and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! Three words is tough – two is near impossible. Without spending too much time on it: practical, simple, chic. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineSeptember 26th, 2023  7:33 PM


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