September 22nd, 2023
Styling Tip

No Belt Loops, No Problem

I like to belt my skirts, which means I’m constantly on the lookout for skirts with belt loops. The belt tail dangling down on a skirt without loops makes me nuts. Sadly, the tail on my beloved Miu Miu belt is extremely long. Then, I found a vintage Miu Miu belt with barely a tail and the problem was solved.

Above I’m wearing it with an ancient A.P.C. denim skirt sans belt loops, the Arch4 navy cashmere henley that I bought to wear with dark denim, and Hermès clogs, below with the James Perse skirt I shortened and the Polo Ralph Lauren sweater.

  • Love the look. Where did you score the black version of the RL sweater?

    BeaSeptember 22nd, 2023  6:30 PM

  • It’s grey, dark picture

    PrestonSeptember 22nd, 2023  6:56 PM

  • You could have your seamstress make belt loops out of the fabric when she shortens your skirts. I love love that sweater but is it at all itchy? I keep debating it…..

    KathySeptember 23rd, 2023  12:40 PM

  • I don’t find it itchy. It’s unlike any sweater in my closet and a nice change from crewneck.

    PrestonSeptember 23rd, 2023  6:35 PM


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