October 5th, 2023
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Above is one of the most talked about looks from the recent SS24 Paris collections. It’s Carven by the newly installed creative director, Louise Trotter. Ms. Trotter, previously the designer at Lacoste, seems to have found her calling at Carven and, with Suzanne Koller’s brilliant styling, sent out one of the strongest shows of the week. At first glance this is a straight-up classic outfit, however, the sheer skirt elevates it to runway-worthy status. It’s, also, an easy look to wear now.  Not a fan of the sheer trend, I would swap in a summer-weight white or grey skirt. A grey crewneck à la Mrs. Prada — perhaps from the men’s department — a black “Phoebe’s final show for Cèline” style clutch that I’m glad I kept, and trench would simulate the look for now. The above trench is on my SS24 wishlist.

  • Totally great combination, love the highlights in gray. And what about those shoes! Source?

    Jenny HeadleeOctober 6th, 2023  6:31 AM

  • LOVE it! Funny how this collection has resonated with so many of ‘us’. But then, maybe not that funny – it’s just the right balance of accessible and fashion-forward. Fabulous styling too.

    disneyrollergirlOctober 6th, 2023  7:00 AM

  • Navaz! Just saw your post and it confirmed my thoughts on the show.

    PrestonOctober 6th, 2023  7:09 AM

  • This image is from the SS24 Carven show, the shoes are SS24 Carven.

    PrestonOctober 6th, 2023  7:11 AM

  • I was unaware of this brand and plan to do a deep dive. I am not a fan of the sheer trend either, but Donni has a nice pair of pants for those interested. Is she wearing cropped pants or a skirt? It’s hard to tell. Love the shoes. Thanks for the introduction, Preston. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineOctober 6th, 2023  9:11 AM

  • The colors…or lack thereof…are right up my alley. Not the sheer skirt…and still not sure about the shiny fabric of the trench.

    SharonOctober 6th, 2023  9:48 AM

  • Hello! Phew! So relieved to read the full text of this post – love the colors and the simple, classic (sort of) silhouette, but when I saw that sheer skirt with little boy shorts underneath and your “perfect for right now” text, I thought Preston must have had a bad experience with bed bugs in Paris. I mean, the sheer skirt is fun, but not for my life! I liked Carven before the new POV – it will be fun to see how that continues to manifest. Enjoy the weekend (wet on the East coast of the U.S.)!

    TraceyOctober 6th, 2023  10:50 AM

  • Hello Preston, forget the skirt. That coat! It’s amazing.

    SuWuOctober 6th, 2023  1:25 PM

  • Like SuWu, I believe it’s the coat color and fabric that are smashing. If you eliminate the coat, she’s wearing a simple grey crewneck and a gimmicky skirt. I wouldn’t be tall enough to wear anything so voluminous but I adore the color and fabric. I would swap the skirt for a tulle that isn’t so sheer, but it would be difficult to find one in that color.

    PaulaOctober 6th, 2023  11:59 PM

  • Agree with Paula and SuWu about the coat making the outfit. Really beautiful. I also appreciate the square toe on a shoe. I think that adds to the look as well. Preston, I appreciate that you linked the sweater from J. Crew’s men’s dept. I compared it with their women’s offering and the difference in the quality seems rather noticeable. Has anyone else done a “test-drive” of the men’s vs. women’s?

    KimOctober 8th, 2023  11:23 AM

  • Really pleased that Louise Trotter is back, I loved Jospeph when she designed for them and I liked the shows she did for Lacoste, but it didn’t seem that they were put into production, at least I didn’t see them online or in the shops.

    LindaOctober 8th, 2023  11:57 AM

  • Karen,
    I’ve bought several sweaters from J Crew men’’s department. The quality is better and the clothes are less trend driven. Most of the time I check the men’s section for this reason. Another company I like sweaters from is Naadam, both from the men’s and women’s section.

    RobynOctober 9th, 2023  5:43 AM


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