November 23rd, 2023
On My Mind

Gobble, Gobble!

And then there were three… We are a small group for Thanksgiving this year, which is lovely. Football and games while we cook = magical family time. A very happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


  • Happy Thanksgiving to you, Preston!

    BarbaraNovember 23rd, 2023  10:10 AM

  • Happy Thanksgiving dear Preston I am thankful for your friendship and your unerring eye ! xo Brooke

    BrookeNovember 23rd, 2023  10:16 AM

  • Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for everything you share with us!

    AliciaNovember 23rd, 2023  12:04 PM

  • A wonderful Thanksgiving to you and yours, Preston! I am thankful for the joy you bring me (and many others) through this online place.

    RMNovember 23rd, 2023  12:36 PM

  • Happy Thanksgiving Preston!!

    AdrienneNovember 23rd, 2023  12:53 PM

  • If you are with family at Thanksgiving, you are in a happy place!

    AprilNovember 23rd, 2023  6:27 PM

  • Happy Thanksgiving P and family. Very grateful for you, your authenticity, your unerring taste, and that there’s never been one thing that you’ve posted that I’ve bought and regretted! :). XO

    KathyNovember 23rd, 2023  7:21 PM

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Preston. I didn’t make it to my sisters in the States for our usual traditions this year because of all the new babies but I am watching the games and ordered a roast with stuffing and cranberry dinner. Grateful for our growing family and appreciate this community you’ve built full of smart, supportive and chic women.

    SueMNovember 23rd, 2023  8:46 PM

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for all that you share with us., throughout the year.

    KIC fanNovember 23rd, 2023  9:19 PM

  • Happy Thanksgiving, Preston. And to the KIC readership.
    Dallas, TX

    Dana-Marie SipesNovember 24th, 2023  1:31 AM

  • Happy Thanksgiving from Canada ~
    To Preston, family and the KIC gang!

    SusanNovember 24th, 2023  8:25 AM

  • Preston, thank you for the many pleasures of KIC! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!

    PaulaNovember 25th, 2023  12:16 AM


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