November 24th, 2023
On My Mind

Doubles Day

I allow myself to buy doubles on Black Friday. However, anything I’d post on today sold out two weeks ago when this crazy sale season began. I bought doubles of the Gauchere top and skirt. One skirt was shortened and the top recut smaller, the other set I left as is. This is the only brown ‘full look’ in my wardrobe and I’ll be very happy to have the skirt in different lengths. Most of my purchases never even go on sale and at this point in the season I’m not tempted to buy something just because it’s marked down. But when I do find a gem, I feel like I’ve won the fashion lottery!

Happy hunting!

  • Not sure if this counts as doubles but I use this time to buy different colours of previous purchases, ones that have really stood out. Happy day after.

    SueMNovember 24th, 2023  2:27 PM

  • I agree. Not much left to buy but I did manage to get a couple of Nili Lotan lightweight silk sweaters, my favorite Goop exfoliator and a new Ohio State sweatshirt on sale. Oh and I got some Wustof Classic steak knives on sale too which made me very happy. They never go on sale. Have fun and Go Buckeyes!

    TracyNovember 24th, 2023  5:14 PM

  • I’ll be watching and cheering!

    PrestonNovember 25th, 2023  8:22 AM


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