November 27th, 2023

Thank You, Kathy

In a post week before last, I mentioned that I’m eyeing the new iteration of the Saint Laurent Downtown tote. After Kathy commented on her first Downtown tote, I had an ‘aha’ moment — I (of course) kept my circa 2006 ivory YSL Downtown.  Now that I have a smaller laptop (life altering) I don’t need a massive travel bag and I prefer the dimensions of the original Downtown. Thank you for the reminder, Kathy!


  • Wow Preston! Of course you kept it and it’s gorgeous. Mine was the elephant gray and I wore it into the ground and then some. I have been looking on resale sites since then for the “right” one. Love the color of yours and my hunt has now broadened. Thanks for the shoutout! XO

    KathyNovember 27th, 2023  10:53 AM

  • Love it! But now I’m back to what to purge!

    Lisa EastmanNovember 27th, 2023  11:09 AM

  • Seriously, the only thing to rival the thrill of a BF sale buy or a vintage find is the joy of rediscovering something of your own! Congratulations and enjoy.

    SueMNovember 27th, 2023  11:14 AM

  • You brought me good luck in my search. BTW – it was not only my first YSL downtown bag, it was my first “designer” bag. I remember what a big step it was for me to take that leap.

    KathyNovember 27th, 2023  12:44 PM

  • The things I would do to peruse Preston’s closet/storage areas! You have so many fabulous pieces, many of which get better with age. Enjoy! Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineNovember 27th, 2023  4:01 PM

  • I of course purged my downtown tote ( it was burgundy) in one of my house moves about 5 years ago, along with 3 or 4 Prada nylon bags that have been brought back. That will teach me for listening to my husband about doing a contents sale of our house and getting rid of all my “ old “ stuff I haven’t worn in years@!!!! Ditto for my 2 Gucci Jackie bags – sold those too.

    JaneNovember 27th, 2023  6:16 PM

  • Marcheline, I have often wondered the same about all of the wonderful collectors in this group – how do they store their items, especially if they have a large collection. Preston, would you be willing to share? What an interesting blog post that would be for all of us, including the comments!

    STNovember 28th, 2023  12:12 PM

  • I love this idea, ST! Photos not required, but encouraged 🙂

    MarchelineNovember 28th, 2023  11:05 PM

  • This looks like such a great runaround bag! I found a black one on the RealReal. I prefer the gold hardware on the older bags to the current silver hardware.

    LindaNovember 29th, 2023  9:34 PM

  • I prefer the gold hardware, too.

    PrestonNovember 30th, 2023  2:35 AM

  • Would you mind sharing the size of your Downtown Tote? I’m hunting for one on the resale sites and learning there are a few sizes. Such a great bag!

    SallyJanuary 4th, 2024  4:32 PM


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