November 30th, 2023

Paris Dispatch

Paris goes all out during the holidays. And, with the Olympics here next summer, the city is being extra spiffed up and looks fantastic. This was a quick trip, but I was lucky to have lunch and a stop at Ritz Paris Le Comptoir for madeleines with @habituallychic. Then, I heeded my friend Kate’s advice and went to Soeur. Be prepared to shop because this is an incredible line of well made and well priced clothing and accessories. The knitwear and coats are especially gorgeous. Finally, getting two of my favorite magazines the day they hit the newsstands is always a thrill.

  • Good to know about Soeur. I loved one of their coats featured in Konfekt magazine and was very interested in the brand. Appreciate the confirmation. Hope you have a wonderful and memorable time! Thanks Preston.

    Lisa FNovember 30th, 2023  3:02 PM

  • My favorite boutique in Newport Beach has carried Soeur for a few years and I LOVE the line. Reasonable prices, beautiful styling and very well made. Would enjoy to see one of their stores. Enjoy your stay!

    BarbaraNovember 30th, 2023  4:51 PM

  • The beauty and charm of the Christmas season in Paris is hard to surpass. Christmas at home may be the only thing better than Christmas in Paris. The windows and markets just sing! Personally, I miss the beauty, tradition, and peace of the holiday season in NY.

    PaulaNovember 30th, 2023  10:56 PM

  • However, the windows in NYC are spectacular this holiday season.

    PrestonDecember 1st, 2023  12:07 AM

  • Just got back from a fabulous 2 weeks in Paris and love Soeur! Also know a fabulous boutique, Carriage House, in Decatur, AL (near Huntsville) that carries the line. Happy Holidays!

    Kris KerrDecember 1st, 2023  2:36 PM

  • Hello Preston, the Saks/Dior windows are incredible! And I think the tree at Rockefeller Center is one of their best, so well proportioned.

    SuWuDecember 1st, 2023  6:06 PM

  • Paris is, indeed, beautiful this time of year! We are staying at the Ritz, but I haven’t tried their madeleines yet…I will before we leave. I will also visit a Sœur shop/thank you for the tip.

    KIC fanDecember 2nd, 2023  4:58 PM

  • I’m heading to Paris in January…it’s been forever. Are there favorite shops you recommend for inspiration? I want to go fill my cup!

    EmilyDecember 21st, 2023  6:37 PM


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