December 4th, 2023
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My Chanel Dream Shoes

I have three pairs of dressy evening shoes and two of them are Chanel. Like the others, these slingbacks would be a forever pair. Stupidly, I didn’t look for them last week. Quel dommage.

  • Love these shoes! They are very chic. However, I don’t think they’re a forever piece. The heel is too trendy. What does everyone else’s think?

    Lisa EastmanDecember 4th, 2023  11:54 AM

  • The heel on this shoe is a work of art. I don’t find it too trendy. I love It!

    SLFDecember 4th, 2023  3:14 PM

  • The shoes are adorable. Chanel shoes are always sold out which is so annoying.

    TracyDecember 4th, 2023  3:27 PM

  • They are very cute looking but this sort of mesh always rubs against my feet (especially on a high heel) and you can’t do anything about it because they’re sheer so I would probably pass…

    PDecember 4th, 2023  5:57 PM

  • I am surprised to learn that you have so few dressy evening shoes , Preston! But then you are a minimalist and I am a maximalist!! I probably have 50+ pairs of beautiful shoes that can’t be worn everyday. I don’t intent to sound as if I am bragging… it just ended up that way-. I can’t resist fantastic shoes-and it’s around 2 pairs of party shoes a year. They never go out of style.
    Chanel shoes are always beautiful! I find, however, that wedges don’t agree with me-much more difficult to walk in than a 3 inch heel as there is no flex in the sole. Even if you rarely wear them, they still need to be comfortable!

    RebeccaDecember 4th, 2023  7:11 PM

  • Sounds to me like you need to go back – and quickly! 🙂
    Evening shoes are among the special joys of womanhood ~ like anything cocktail or formal,, when you find something wonderful, you really must act whether you need it immediately or not.

    PaulaDecember 5th, 2023  1:02 AM

  • I always think of a wedge shoe as trendy, but there is always some version of it available and many women seem to love them. This particular shoe is elegant and beautiful. Trendy or not, I think it’s style will always be appreciated.

    AprilDecember 5th, 2023  10:14 AM


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