December 5th, 2023
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My ancient (early ’90s) Prada jewelry roll is in tatters. This Smythson jewelry roll would be the ideal replacement, especially since it matches my passport cover.

  • This is a great stocking stuffer. Add it to your list for Santa! I’m a sucker for Smythson’s stationary. There’s nothing better than a handwritten ‘to do’ list in this digital age. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineDecember 5th, 2023  4:15 PM

  • Jewelry Roll’s are hard to find. This Smythson one is sleek & elegant. I have an ancient Pierre Deux Jewelry Roll that’s not as compact as your choice. I’ll add it to my wish list!

    CharlotteDecember 5th, 2023  4:57 PM

  • Beautiful!

    SueMDecember 5th, 2023  5:04 PM

  • Hi Preston , could you tell me what size Ann Mashburn blazer you decided to get ? I typically order two sizes of anything that must be ordered online , but any input you could give would be great . Also thank you for input regarding the Oran. I went down a half size as you suggested a full size was so snug but with some walking and swelling of the feet it would have been not so pretty . Thank you , Jo.

    JoDecember 6th, 2023  8:34 AM

  • i use pouches for jewelry, as i rarely ever switch when i travel. passport covers to me is the ultimate must. ive had my coach passport cover over 16 years and its worn out beautifully. decided to gift my hub with a black cartier cover.

    mydaDecember 6th, 2023  12:24 PM

  • Yes you do. I have it and it is awesome. I also have a larger one that I keep in my drawer.

    LaurenDecember 6th, 2023  2:13 PM

  • I put my jewellery in mini ziplocks (wrap item in tissue if delicate) and then in a pouch.

    MMSDecember 7th, 2023  4:41 AM

  • I am definitely a pouch girl with everything in individual plastic or bubble bags – I try to eliminate using plastic in every area but jewelry !

    Brooke GarberDecember 7th, 2023  1:13 PM

  • Brooke! I carry two of your pouches every day. I showed everyone at a lunch today what I carry in them and how they keep me organized. Love!!

    PrestonDecember 7th, 2023  5:52 PM

  • I love a good travel companion. I have been looking for a good pouch or travel organizer that would fit 4 passports, some cards, boarding passes, etc., has anyone come across something like this? I thought LV would be a safe bet, but alas…

    ThereseDecember 8th, 2023  7:05 PM

  • The Anya Hindmarch “Labelled” collection of travel bags and accessories has literally cured my packing anxiety. Therese – check out the “Safe Deposit Case”… I dare say it’s exactly what you are looking for. I use it to hold passports, boarding passes, cash and cards, checked bag receipts, etc etc for my family of four.

    ACKDecember 9th, 2023  4:13 PM


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