December 6th, 2023
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The Best Vest

Nowadays it’s often too cold for a wool coat.  I love my wool coats and get the blues when I have to wear a parka every day — parka fatigue. After buying a light-weight Max Mara Cube jacket to wear on the plane, I had an ‘aha’ moment — a Max Mara Cube vest (and here) to wear under my wool coats would solve the warmth problem.  The Max Mara vest is not down-filled so it’s not bulky, thus it looks great under a coat. It’s, also, very warm and runs large. Grey here.

  • I started layering down vests under coats and jackets a few years ago; it allows for the polish of a coat while staying warm. I’m a huge fan of Uniqlo’s Ultra Light (and other) down vests, which come in a range of colors. At that price point, I have one to match or coordinate with each coat I wear a lot. Their HeatTech under layers also help!

    Lisa MacDecember 6th, 2023  10:42 PM

  • Boy am I with you on parka fatigue! And winter hasn’t event started yet! I would add the word ‘puffy’ to the depressing ensemble: Puffy Parka Fatigue. For dog walks, grocery trips, and quick outings, it’s the longest and least interesting wardrobe season of the year. These vests, combined with Lisa Mac’s Heat Tech layers, sound like a perfect solution.

    PaulaDecember 7th, 2023  12:58 AM

  • I have one too. The hat is also useful in often rainy London. I sized down as they run big.

    MMSDecember 7th, 2023  4:39 AM

  • MMS, I’m headed to London in a couple of weeks. Wondering if myHarris Wharf Cocoon coat with Uniqlo down vest be warm enough?

    JanetDecember 7th, 2023  11:38 AM

  • Uniqlo has saved me over and over, the light down snap front vest and jacket are perfect. I don’t travel without them . I just bought the jacket again in large (black) instead of Small size which is my size . I love the flair of it !

    Brooke GarberDecember 7th, 2023  4:27 PM

  • This reminds me of Disney roller girl’s post on IG of snoopy in a puffer. It was the cutest.

    TracyDecember 7th, 2023  7:25 PM

  • I’m a huge believer in vests but I don’t have short one like this that isn’t puffy and I’m with Paula on the boring factor. Need to check out this one and Uniqlo. Thank you for reminding me, what would we do without you!

    SueMDecember 7th, 2023  9:55 PM

  • Well this is exactly the solution to the coat question plaguing me all day! I’m going to try this. I’m so comfortable wearing my lonh camel wool coat (it’s just Other Stories but so soft and just the right fit) but today walking from UES to UWS through the park I had such a chill that was hard to shake, despite wearing base layers under my jeans and wool sweater. I found myself spending the whole walk eyeing everyone’s big parka and debating with myself about color. (Black? Beige?) I think for majority of nyc winter days, this vest would be ideal under my coat— but I think I still need to bite the bullet and get a parka for those really wet-blustery-snow days when the air just hurts. Preston, can I ask what is your go-to winter shoe this year for running around? I will admit here I wish I bought those Tod’s boots you posted last year… Le long-sigh…

    SwanDecember 7th, 2023  10:59 PM

  • Hi Janet, you would be fine this week with the temperature around 10 Celsius. But last week with the temperature in the low single digits, I don’t think you would have been warn enough without heat tech/base layers, t-shirt and sweater. Check the forecast before you come! Hope that helps.

    MMSDecember 8th, 2023  12:17 PM

  • I’d welcome suggestions for leggings or pants that are truly warm and not bulky for cold weather walking and travel. Sort of like a pants equivalent of the Max Mara Cube. We’re heading to Morocco and given our pace will need to pack lightly and for a daily temperature range from 70s to 30s.

    CynthiaJanuary 16th, 2024  5:49 AM

  • I just picked up this vest on your recommendation and I love it – thank you for the rec!! (Now thinking about the parka . . . Everything is on sale!)

    LaurenJanuary 24th, 2024  2:57 PM


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