December 20th, 2023
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Two For The Snow

Just when I was thinking about corduroy, my favorite ski brand Perfect Moment released a wide-wale version of my go-to ski pants — whoop whoop! My daughter permanently borrowed said ski pants, which is a good excuse to get the ones above. Last winter an English woman told me in no uncertain terms that the Penelope Chilvers Incredible boots were no longer chic and I could not wear them in London. Well, I’ve worn a grey pair for years and, ignoring her advice, just bought a pair in brown oiled suede. I love Incredible Boots and don’t honestly care if they are out of style.

  • Style/Chic vs. Fashion–you just defined it. Best Wishes to you and yours for a very Merry Christmas, and to the entire KIC community. I value this blog and all of the sage comments so very much.

    BarbaraDecember 20th, 2023  10:04 AM

  • They have graduated to”classic”!

    AprilDecember 20th, 2023  11:05 AM

  • Ha! April is correct and also more circumspect than I would be if someone had the gall to make that statement to me. I’m sure you were gracious as well and then continued to go your own incredibly chic way. I’m more of a Grenson girl but do still love these.

    SueMDecember 20th, 2023  11:46 AM

  • I bought a pair on your recommendation years ago. In silver glitter no less! There is no warmer boot out there. I’m eyeing another pair for a while now. Brown suede is right up my ally! I don’t care if they don’t wear them in London I love them.

    MariaDecember 20th, 2023  12:49 PM

  • I live in London and do not understand the comment about the boots not being chic; I agree they are classic. I do think London is rarely cold enough for a fur lined boot but if you were standing watching kids on a sports pitch they would be perfect.

    MargaretDecember 20th, 2023  2:07 PM

  • Love the boots. I still wear mine after all this time. Since the boots were no longer chic in her opinion, what was the more desired option? Just curious.

    TracyDecember 20th, 2023  9:28 PM

  • When someone tells me something I love and am totally dedicated to ‘is no longer chic,’ I take it as a personal challenge.
    In my experience, going you own direction creates intrigue. Tell her predictability never WAS chic. 🙂

    PaulaDecember 20th, 2023  10:36 PM

  • I’d wear those boots in London!

    That's Not My AgeDecember 21st, 2023  5:55 AM

  • T- I was too taken aback to ask or come up with a pithy response. xp

    PrestonDecember 21st, 2023  6:32 AM

  • Those boots would be perfect for winter in Boston where I will be for Christmas! If only I could afford them.

    SLFDecember 21st, 2023  8:45 AM

  • I live in London and have seen these around on a few women,. The red laces always make me smile. I agree with April- they are a classic, which is much better than being “in fashion.” Enjoy them, Preston!
    Severine x

    SeverineDecember 28th, 2023  7:44 AM


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