February 29th, 2024
It Item

Moss Green

There were a lot of funky shades of green on the Milan runways, moss being my favorite. Last March I posted on the Saint Laurent hobo in burgundy, it’s been a workhorse in my wardrobe this past year. Now I’m eyeing the larger version of the same hobo in a mossy shade. Would be great next fall, too.

  • It is a great neutral but I find it looks drab and a little depressing. I often wind up not wearing moss/olive green items – though a handbag might be the solution

    Lisa EastmanMarch 1st, 2024  10:35 AM

  • If Worth Avenue is any gauge, green handbags are THE trend of the season: Ferragamo, Loro Piana, Bottega, Saks windows, YSL, Aerin, among those I can remember. I carried a true olive green suede Aerin tote all last fall/winter and liked it for my daytime use and as passenger seat my companion. Having seen so many fern/lichen/mossy shades in more elevated (read expensive) iterations, my inclination might be to choose a less pricey version. I fear I would tire of some of the other shades more quickly .

    PaulaMarch 2nd, 2024  12:23 AM

  • *as my passenger seat companion.

    PaulaMarch 2nd, 2024  12:26 AM

  • I just bought a gorgeous Loewe shoulder bag in this color. Matches called it khaki but it’s definitely olive green. I love it for summer as much as fall- it looks great with the whites and tans I wear in the warm months.

    EBMarch 2nd, 2024  8:58 PM


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