March 3rd, 2024
On My Mind

A Touch Of White

We are on the cusp of spring and white accessories brighten my now tired and dreary winter uniform. I’ve pulled out my Gucci 1955 bag and Dior pumps and have been wearing them with grey and brown. Dior reissued the Boy Slingbacks for SS24, a style from the PF20 collection that arrived in stores while the world was in lockdown. I bought four pairs from that overlooked collection — two black kitten-heels and the pumps in both black and cream — I’m a huge fan of broguing. Mine do not have the Christian Dior logo across the instep, which I prefer. Even though white tights looked great in the Chanel couture show, they’re not for me.

  • I too love the belt, handbag and sling backs . My eye will have to adjust to the white tights and pumps.

    Lisa EastmanMarch 3rd, 2024  9:25 AM

  • Am absolutely with you on the white tights, hard no. Do like the belt and pondering the slingbacks. Last summer I decided I was over straw bags and purchased a bone coloured hobo and it was just the bright touch I needed.
    That Gucci is lovely.

    SueMMarch 3rd, 2024  1:37 PM

  • The skirt on the upper left is really beautiful. The gold buttons, front slits and pockets are such great details.

    GeorgieMarch 3rd, 2024  5:33 PM

  • I typically steer clear of white shoes but I purchased the Row Claudette flats in white a bit ago. I saw a feature on La Garconne where the shoes were featured with a white dress and was sold. The Dior slingbacks are adorable. And I agree with you, no white tights.

    TracyMarch 3rd, 2024  6:09 PM

  • A white shoe is so great as summer approaches. I love the sling back. Although I love seeing hose return as part of a look, I recall white hose being tricky to wear, only for the most slender leg. Also, that was uniform nurse’s attire, so I associate it with a uniform. Not for me, for sure, but more power to those who can successfully pull it off.

    AprilMarch 4th, 2024  6:05 AM

  • 100% agree. Pulling out all my white sweaters and jeans too.

    MMSMarch 4th, 2024  6:06 AM

  • I love the Gucci bag-looks like an ivory in the photo although maybe it is truly white. I love white for summer, and white jeans are always great. I look forward to wearing lots of white this summer! And I agree with April that white hose reminds me of nurses. Not a look for me.

    RebeccaMarch 4th, 2024  4:39 PM

  • There is a secret to wearing white tights – they have to be patterned. An interesting pattern is more forgiving than a solid color and can be a nice outfit highlight.

    IrinaMarch 5th, 2024  12:01 AM

  • Like Georgie, my eye went to the skirt! I love anything with a sailor or naval spirit, and the two gold buttons and slit pockets are so smart! Your kitten heels are chic, indeed, especially without a logo. For me, having ‘Christian Dior’ splayed across the toes would be a deal breaker. They are adorable in the white! Dior calls their white ‘Latte,’ which leans just slightly ivory, and I think it’s the most beautiful ‘white.’ I agree with April and Rebecca – white stockings are for Registered Nurses, whom we all love and value, but don’t necessarily want to look like outside the hospital.

    PaulaMarch 5th, 2024  12:51 AM

  • Into white shoes!

    That's Not My AgeMarch 5th, 2024  6:48 AM

  • Love the slingbacks but I can’t get over my feelings about white pumps. And white stockings are for nurses and young girls.

    SharonMarch 5th, 2024  9:41 AM

  • Nurses haven’t worn white hose in ions but I understand the reference.

    AmberMarch 9th, 2024  8:28 AM


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