May 22nd, 2024

Hermès Base Coat

I’m not a big nail polish person, but I do like my nails to look polished. After much trial and error, I tried two coats of the Hermès Base Coat finished with just the Hermès Top Coat. It’s a tad milky, yet not too white — I love how it looks.

  • Sounds ideal! Love that clean, slight milky look. I used Butter nails previously (mellow yellow I think?) and though I liked the look I think it wasn’t great for my actual nail.

    SwanMay 22nd, 2024  9:44 PM

  • Preston – are you familiar with Bare Hands Dry Gloss Manicure? It’s a game changer! I do not enjoy fussing with changing nail polish, nor do I like the chemicals, but I do like tidy, healthy looking nails. This is it! The owner of the company is really lovely too! She does great tutorials and her recommendation of soaking nails/cuticles in olive oil 1x per week plus her kit is what completely changed the appearance of my nails.
    I have been using it for several years and it makes a great gift as well. The pedicure kit is also amazing.
    I have two bottles of Hermes (nontoxic) polish for extra special events, if I feel inclined, but honestly I rarely use those now.

    Keri DMay 22nd, 2024  10:30 PM

  • Love that idea . A clear finish is perfect goes with everything.
    I picked up on some polishes for summer but will add this to my collection.
    Thanks Preston .

    VMay 23rd, 2024  2:12 PM

  • Preston & Keri,

    The Hermes base coat is almost like a “trench coat’ in my nail kit. I don’t know about you but I find that it turns pink after a few days.

    Thank you for the recommendation about the Bare Hands manicure set. I’ve been using 10 over 10 celery oil and am so happy with the natural shine. Another favorite is the Chanel Camilla oil.

    Cheers to a well-manicured life!



    Christina AndersonMay 23rd, 2024  3:32 PM

  • I am late to the party on this but am obsessed with Dior Nail Glow – it gives off this sheer pink glow that just looks healthy and pretty.

    LaurenJune 7th, 2024  6:16 PM


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