May 28th, 2024
Resort 2025

An Evening Belt Bag

I have a number of Victoria Beckham items on my list and this belt bag, from the Resort 2025 collection, is now at the top. I never found the one I loved from Chanel, sadly.

  • From a practical point of view, great to have your hands free at a cocktail party to eat and drink. However, I think it looks a bit ludicrous. Perhaps my “eye” just needs to get used to it?

    Lisa E.May 28th, 2024  10:22 AM

  • I love it. I’m tired of crossbody bags, and am loving belt bags for day and night.

    KathyMay 28th, 2024  1:25 PM

  • There is a really good Chanel one on Fashionphile that resembles the one you’re looking for with no logo and in excellent condition.

    TracyMay 28th, 2024  7:26 PM

  • Oh so tempted but too big for evening.

    Robyn TrezzaMay 28th, 2024  8:02 PM

  • Love the velvet suit . Belt bag is a bit to small for my daily needs.
    But enjoy it Preston.

    VMay 29th, 2024  3:42 AM

  • Ruins the lines of this lovely jacket.

    leeleeMay 29th, 2024  2:08 PM

  • I am very inspired by this model’s sleek, chic and minimalist hairstyle. Any suggestions for styling products which hold things in place without the wet or helmet hair look?

    KarenMay 29th, 2024  10:07 PM


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