May 11th, 2022
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Competitive Packing

The Rimowa carry-on is everything I’d hoped it would be. I packed for a six day trip, with a wide range of temperatures and rain forecasted, and had plenty to wear. The best advice, from a post the week before last, was to take fewer shoes. However, at the airport coming home, a woman with the same suitcase told me, proudly, that she fit ten days worth of stuff into hers. And there it was, competitive packing — I was one-upped and slightly shamed. Next trip, I’ll pack fewer sweaters…

  • No she didn’t! Was it ten pair of K Jacques?? You should be proud of your packing, I haven’t a prayer of approaching those kinds of skills. Not to mention you look chic and comfortable. My takeaway from previous post was only pack outfits.

    SueMMay 11th, 2022  10:14 AM

  • Did you shop on your trip? That’s the dilemma – what do you do with the additional items one brings home?

    StephanieMay 11th, 2022  10:35 AM

  • I bought a candle at Santa Maria Novella in Florence, nothing else for myself. My daughter will need an extra suitcase to come home…

    PrestonMay 11th, 2022  10:43 AM

  • That’s amazing – I packed for a week, warm climes, and had a carry on and checked bag! Did Tod’s ship the beautiful mocs home? Do many of them ship?

    Amber NolanMay 11th, 2022  11:34 AM

  • I bought the Tod’s for my daughter and have a pair en route for myself.

    PrestonMay 11th, 2022  11:40 AM

  • I thrive to pack smart, whether it’s a short car trip or long haul travel. The irony is lost in me, that as women, we buy all these nice things and we are always down to taking less. I can’t seem to minimize my toiletry kit. Everything else I can pare down. Hope your trip is going well!

    myda y.May 11th, 2022  12:58 PM

  • Wow! Super impressive!! Will you please show us what you packed?:))

    Michelle RamerMay 11th, 2022  1:22 PM

  • Yes, please! Show us what your packed!

    MonicaMay 12th, 2022  8:39 AM

  • When everything comes back from the cleaners, I will share what I packed.

    PrestonMay 12th, 2022  10:22 AM

  • I struggle with toiletries and makeup as well! So many lotions and potions.

    Alicia ArmstrongMay 12th, 2022  10:56 AM

  • The Rimowa carryon is everything and now you are making me want a metallic one (I have black and navy). For those asking about toiletries, you *must* check out cadence capsules. Total game changer. I swear they do not pay me — I just really really love them!!

    LaurenMay 12th, 2022  11:57 AM

  • As a somewhat competitive woman, I would ask her to open her bag and prove it before conceding defeat.

    PaulaMay 12th, 2022  2:01 PM

  • Lauren -can we talk about cadence capsules! I am off to Italy and France next month for two weeks and have been contemplating them. My hang up is the reviews saying they will not hold a weeks worth of product. Is this your experience? I am 100% a less is more woman so I can get by with little but I don’t want to have to buy products when on vacation.

    Keri DMay 12th, 2022  9:43 PM

  • Re skin products/toiletries ~ my preferred skin care line offers travel sizes in the key products: cleanser, tonic, serum, 2 moisturizers. Just add eye cream, which is already small. I’ve since added one each travel size exfoliating product and mask for a trip longer than 4 days. Three travel size hair products, 2 hair brushes, and only the most basic hygiene items and I’m set. I embrace hotel shower wash.

    PaulaMay 12th, 2022  11:54 PM

  • Hi Keri! Re Cadence – For a week’s trip here is what I do. One capsule is plenty for things like moisturizer, serum, hair product, etc. I bring two capsules each of body wash, face cleanser, and shampoo. I think two capsules would get you through two weeks depending how often you wash your hair etc. Even when you factor all that in, it’s still such a small and convenient bundle. I’m currently on a weeklong business trip to two cities with a carryon and a backpack, and my cadence capsules fit in a tiny little flat clear container in my backpack. I have another set that I use for prescription meds, which goes separately in the pocket of my backpack.

    LaurenMay 16th, 2022  10:24 AM

  • I love how Preston’s posts that tap universal challenges engage this community! For Lauren and Keri D – I bought the cadence capsules despite some reviews saying that the magnets are a nightmare for international travel. As someone who values the power of TSA Pre to avoid showing my toiletries, this gave me pause. Have you had any challenges getting the capsules through security, here or internationally?

    Lisa MacMay 26th, 2022  4:40 PM

  • Lifelong overpacker and check-in luggage traveler here, wanting to change my ways…I learn a lot from these posts and the comments! Echoing the group on wanting to see the what you’ve packed. I’ve already followed the ‘sleek sandals’ advice from the previous post – it’s amazing how the advice is also practical for paring one’s wardrobe.

    GeorgieJune 1st, 2022  9:08 AM


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