January 18th, 2023
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When I was considering this Saint Laurent hobo I noticed that women, like Anya Rubik above, were not wearing it on their shoulder. Undaunted, I ordered it anyway. When it slid off my shoulder and I was about to send it back, I popped on a Purse Gummy — problem solved. I just wore this bag in Paris for 3 days straight. It held a small umbrella, hat, plus all the essentials. I use the silicone strips on my Gucci Horsebit 1955 bags, too, they would never stay put otherwise.

This bag reminds me of my beloved Gucci hobos I wore in the ’90s.

  • Well that’s it, life changed! There are few things in a day more (lowkey) enraging than a purse that won’t stay. Thank you, thank you.

    SueMJanuary 18th, 2023  10:15 AM

  • Genius !! Thank you ( again ) Preston

    Brooke GarberJanuary 18th, 2023  10:41 AM

  • ME TOO omg i pick handbags that i can hold on my wrist, gave up on shoulder holding. i will try now your recco. hope all is well and happy new year!

    deda cJanuary 18th, 2023  11:01 AM

  • Great post and tip! I have narrow shoulders and its impossible to keep a bag there.

    AprilJanuary 18th, 2023  5:10 PM

  • I always have handbag curiosity, and why one needs slightly different versions of very similar bags. Why this bag when you have the Celine hobo, the Gucci Horsebit and the crossbody YSL, all in black? It’s not a criticism (at all) but I’m a bit backwards about a handbag wardrobe.

    KathyJanuary 19th, 2023  12:50 PM

  • My well-loved Celine hobo is from 2014, seen better days, and it’s really a tote — great for a full day of running around. The Gucci Horsebit is structured and more ladylike and holds just essentials. And, the SL crossbody (I took it to Paris too) is my smallest bag (phone, slim wallet, glasses, chapstick) and great under a coat when need be. Keys go in my pocket. I bought the SL hobo a few months ago when my Gucci bags were off being repaired. Love a hobo and this one is the PERFECT size for everyday wear. Sizewise, it reminds me of the Gucci bamboo bags (I replaced the bamboo handles with the leather messenger strap) I wore in the ’90s.

    PrestonJanuary 19th, 2023  3:42 PM

  • Thanks, great explanation about the sizes, etc. It’s difficult in photos where you don’t see the scale, so they all sort of the same size. It’s a beautiful bag.

    KathyJanuary 20th, 2023  7:27 AM

  • Great question, Kathy, I wondered the same so appreciate the explanation, Preston. Makes sense! And as much as I appreciate a great shoulder or arm-carried bag on others, I’m all about the cross body now.

    MaryJanuary 20th, 2023  3:08 PM


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