May 19th, 2023
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Thank You, Helene

Dear Helene,

When you recommended the J. Crew polo in a comment yesterday, I went to try it on. Fits like a charm and it’s on sale — a win-win for sure.

Thank you for the tip!


  • Looks great on you – I hope you bought 3! Now I’m wanting The Row sandals you’re wearing….

    KathyMay 19th, 2023  6:00 PM

  • I’m glad to hear this as I ordered two yesterday based on Helene’s comments. The community that has formed around your blog is truly remarkable. I look forward to the comments almost as much as your posts.

    BarbaraMay 19th, 2023  6:24 PM

  • The sandals are Saint Laurent Resort 2021 – I collect them!

    PrestonMay 19th, 2023  7:44 PM

  • The jcrew polo is a great length too! I have two in black and wear them buttoned up. I may have to go back bc that cream color is so lovely! I like it when jc offers well-made classics

    SwanMay 20th, 2023  7:51 AM

  • Love! Looks great on you and you inspired me to order. Funny, last night I dreamed I needed to shop for a polo and this morning you delivered the answer

    LauraMay 20th, 2023  8:08 AM

  • I just purchased two! Thank you Helene and Preston!! xoxo

    Meghan QuinnMay 20th, 2023  8:15 AM

  • Oh, Wow!! So glad you like it!! Now it will for sure sell out!! Love to all the KIC community ❤️

    heleneMay 20th, 2023  9:03 AM

  • It looks fab on you, going for the black. My eyes went right to the sandals too lol.

    SueMMay 20th, 2023  9:33 AM

  • Preston, have you looked at APC and COS for polos? They have short and long sleeved every season. I’m a polo lover too!! I might try the JCrew before it sells out!! Sorting out my closet today!!

    ADMay 20th, 2023  3:51 PM

  • Such a great recommendation, Helene! Preston, it fits you beautifully. Going to check this out ASAP! Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineMay 20th, 2023  4:13 PM

  • I love this polo from Ann Mashburn, though they call it a “half sleeve Georgina sweater.”

    Laura Zinn FrommMay 20th, 2023  6:56 PM

  • Watching this unfold is fun. If this fits your blog vision, Preston, I’d enjoy a post on where women find great basics. I have a go-to t-shirt, for example, while someone might have a staple crewneck sweater. I know you have an edited focus here, so I don’t mean to presume with a topic idea.

    RMMay 21st, 2023  10:02 PM

  • Oh RM and Preston, I love that idea! A post where we all can chime in on our favorites.

    STMay 22nd, 2023  11:32 AM

  • I third RM and ST. I learn so much from Preston and everyone here. I love to shop but with the lack of brick and mortar stores these days as well as inventory it makes the Saturday afternoon stroll unappealing.
    It’s great to know where and what ladies of like shopping mind find the best. That said I am in love with The Gap’s Modern T. The fit and fabric are great and teh sleeve make it look more polished than your average t. BTW I also bought the J. Crew Polos mentioned here in cream and black. Can’t wait for them to arrive. Thank you!

    YasminMay 23rd, 2023  10:12 AM


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