March 16th, 2023
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Everything Old Is New Again: Gloves, Hosiery, & Socks

Fashion is cyclical, now more than ever. Elbow-length gloves were big on many of the 2020 runways — I posted on the ones in the Valentino FW20 collection. Sadly, soon after they were shown we went into lockdown and they flew under the radar. Now, short and long leather gloves are a staple in The Row’s SS23 and FW23 collections. Mrs. Prada put socks back on the catwalk and sparked a grey socks frenzy when she paired them with slingbacks, sandals, loafers, and sneakers in her SS22 Miu Miu show. The Row then showed them with flats in their Summer 2023 collection  and Dior styled almost every look with socks in the FW23 collection shown in Paris week before last. And, Mrs. Prada may very well have made sheer and nude hosiery cool again with her recent FW23 Miu Miu collection. If  she says nude tights are chic, I’ll go there.

  • I typically keep my accessories to a minimum, but am looking forward to switching up my basics with gloves, hosiery and socks. I especially love that these items are ‘back’, because they are things most of us already own, and if not, they are easy and affordable to attain. Marcheline Isabelle

    MarchelineMarch 16th, 2023  10:16 AM

  • I’m curious how much you think the “runway” transfers into real life? I (who really don’t know much about the fashion industry at all) often feel that things are used as “props” to make a show more artsy.

    KathyMarch 16th, 2023  10:17 AM

  • I often buy a runway “prop” to update my wardrobe without investing in pricey items of clothing. I have the Miu Miu grey socks and wear them all the time with 10-year-old shoes — they make the shoes look modern. I did this with the Miu Miu double belts, too. They look great with some of my ancient Prada skirts. Living in NY, gloves are a winter necessity and elbow-length ones peeking out from a coat sleeve have not only been warm, but chic — I get tons of compliments on them. Nude hose may be a stretch, see how I feel next fall…

    PrestonMarch 16th, 2023  10:25 AM

  • I’m partial to Portolano’s cashmere-lined leather gloves. They are buttery soft, come in various lengths, and wear well. I’ve worn them for years without issue, except for that one time I brought home an armful of holly without removing my gloves. Also, that outfit in the bottom right corner is beautiful! Polished, not precious, and exactly right for a fall day running around the city.

    MMarch 16th, 2023  10:38 AM

  • Thanks P for the great answer. I agree (after your explanation) – and btw, I’ve worn gloves in Ojai all winter long. It’s been incredibly cold. I buy Falke grey socks – would love the Miu Miu’s but socks go missing here….

    KathyMarch 16th, 2023  10:50 AM

  • Long gloves are so elegant. I love them.

    AprilMarch 16th, 2023  1:28 PM

  • Those photos of models with different lengths of gloves reminds me of my mom’s accessories when I was a little one in the early 60s. She had these lovely long evening gloves that she wore with her gowns. My dad was an Air Force officer and there were lots of formal events. Along with shorter leather gloves that she wore with skirt suits, there was a treasure trove of mom gloves.
    Which my little sister “inherited” when I went to college. Plus some of my mom’s dresses.
    It was fine by me. She was closer to my mom’s height and some of the cocktail dresses lived a second life clubbing in New York in the late 80s.
    Sigh. Thanks, Preston for taking me down Memory Lane with your post!

    Name (required)March 16th, 2023  8:53 PM

  • I’m hoping this is a signal towards a return to more traditional and ladylike dressing. And I’m hoping that becomes a signal towards a backlash against the preposterous ’naked dresses.’

    PaulaMarch 17th, 2023  1:18 AM

  • Great post and comments Preston!

    disneyrollergirlMarch 17th, 2023  4:58 AM

  • Paula, I heartily agree!

    RMMarch 17th, 2023  9:41 AM

  • Paula, I hope that not only naked dresses but also so called “hooker chic” just lost the battle against more traditional, classical, decent clothes. But I think it’s too beautiful to be true to be honest. Let’s see!

    Rue des GirofleesMarch 17th, 2023  10:30 AM

  • Did you know you could WASH GLOVES?! Many don’t know. You use a mild soap, knead themn gently, rinse thoroughly, spread out to dry. During the drying, stretch and shape. (Like washing cashmere, actually). Washing does no harm at all. Leather is organic and likes being clean.
    P.S. You can also paint designs, stripes… on leather shoes, with acrylic paint.

    Charlotte ThorpMarch 25th, 2023  5:02 PM


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