W.ICONS: How To Care For Your Winter Woolens

I love a list of tips and this one on maintaining woolens by W.ICONS is pretty good. Depilling is my specialty.

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Random Bits

This image from @vieffestyle reminds me of the rule of three as I pack for Paris. I keep looking at the Altuzarra self-tie sweater in black — it’s such an easy piece and I should’ve bought it for this trip. This small Saint Laurent hobo is coming with me, it’s more spacious than it looks. In Paris I’m going to pick up the new Perfumer H room spray at Le Bon Marché and Virginie Mouzat‘s Le denier mot to help me brush up on my French.

It Item

The Prettiest Gift

The prettiest gift I received over the holidays was this set of  scalloped paper trays by Willow Crossley, a floral designer based in the Cotswolds. I have them on the coffee table as catchalls. Thank you , SK, you know me well.


Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2023

My three takeaways from the Dior PF23 collection are: an ankle-grazing, sleeveless tunic is a trend (see Attersee post), belting a parka is always chic, and that Maria Grazia Chiuri, without question, designs the best dresses.

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Bits & Bobs

Now that the holidays are in the rearview, I’m trying to do a bit of catch up. I finally read Marcia DeSanctis’s A Hard Place To Leave — it’s superb. And I’m trying to see Living before I leave for Paris next week. The Anri Sala exhibition at Bourse de Commerce Pinault Collection tops my Paris to-do list. And, I live in these hiking boots in black and just bought a pair in beige. Speaking of beige, I’m struggling to find a beige polish that suits me, so in the meantime, I’m going dark brown.

It Items

New Year’s Eve At Home

A cozy New Year’s Eve à deux sounds like the perfect ending to a good and busy 2022. Even though it’s just the two of us at home, I’ll add a little sparkle. I snapped up the Commission skirt when it went on sale and the Chanel slingbacks have been a workhorse in my wardrobe this fall and winter — worth every penny. I have many similar grey sweaters to this Bottega Veneta, although, if it goes on sale I won’t hesitate to add it to my collection.

On My Mind

Jewelry Tailored

Almost every piece of clothing I buy gets tailored — fit is everything. After a post last week on a  jewelry wardrobe, I’ve been playing with the placement of my rings and a local jeweler has been altering sizes as I move them around. He, also, did not give me a hard time when I removed the white gold bands on my two trinity rings. Doubles are easier for me to stack and I was always turning the white gold band to the back. These are now my foundation rings and I can add Mother’s opal to my middle finger above, cocktail rings on my pointers, signet to my right pinkie, and diamond rings with my wedding band. Makes it easy to mix things up.


Parisian Run Around Chic

Image courtesy of Habitually Chic

While flipping through Heather Clawson’s pictures from her recent trip to Paris, this one gave me pause. This gorgeous woman — in a black peacoat and brown boots riding a bike with a market basket — is the epitome of run around chic. #PersonalStyleGoals

The Habitually Chic Paris Guide is amazing! Even though I’ve been to Paris countless times, the guide lists places that are new to me. And, Heather updates it after every trip.

It Item

In A Clutch

In a recent post, I challenged myself to wear four items I regretted buying. The Céline clutch is now a go-to — it solved the shoulder-bag-over-a-bulky-coat struggle. Now I’m eyeing this pouch by Saint Laurent — it’s not as oversized as the Céline and would tuck under my arm nicely.

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Quiet Weekend Ahead

December has been insanely busy. I hosted and attended an untold number of lunches and events so I need this weekend to regain my energy (and sanity) before the holiday madness (girls come home). I’m halfway through Barbara Kingsolver’s Demon Copperhead and thoroughly enjoying it — perfect on audible while driving and walking. Next up, Getting Lost by Annie Ernaux, which I most likely won’t get to until January. Saturday I’m going to see Aftersun and do a bit of Christmas shopping. Happy weekend, everyone!