Paris Dispatch

Paris goes all out during the holidays. And, with the Olympics here next summer, the city is being extra spiffed up and looks fantastic. This was a quick trip, but I was lucky to have lunch and a stop at Ritz Paris Le Comptoir for madeleines with @habituallychic. Then, I heeded my friend Kate’s advice and went to Soeur. Be prepared to shop because this is an incredible line of well made and well priced clothing and accessories. The knitwear and coats are especially gorgeous. Finally, getting two of my favorite magazines the day they hit the newsstands is always a thrill.

Fashion Find

Phoebe Philo A1: A Wrap Skirt

Wrap skirts are my thing. Two of my most cherished are Céline circa 2014, and one of them is most likely the prototype for the Phoebe Philo A1 skirt above. I’m in Paris for the week working from the hotel Chateau Voltaire aka my Paris ‘home’ this past year. Certainly dampens any urgency to find an apartment, but that’s for another post. Yesterday Phoebe Philo dropped A1, new styles along with a delivery of continued pieces from her debut collection. The email alert came in at 11:04 PM my time. Because I’m still on NY time, I saw it and immediately scrolled through the new offerings. At first glance, I didn’t see anything I wanted. But after chatting with @fastened2fashion I locked in on the Scarf Skirt and could not check out fast enough.  This is what I meant in a post last August when I wrote ‘(h)ere’s hoping Ms. Philo continues to design clothes that elicit such joy.’ Joy, indeed.


Thank You, Kathy

In a post week before last, I mentioned that I’m eyeing the new iteration of the Saint Laurent Downtown tote. After Kathy commented on her first Downtown tote, I had an ‘aha’ moment — I (of course) kept my circa 2006 ivory YSL Downtown.  Now that I have a smaller laptop (life altering) I don’t need a massive travel bag and I prefer the dimensions of the original Downtown. Thank you for the reminder, Kathy!


On My Mind

Doubles Day

I allow myself to buy doubles on Black Friday. However, anything I’d post on today sold out two weeks ago when this crazy sale season began. I bought doubles of the Gauchere top and skirt. One skirt was shortened and the top recut smaller, the other set I left as is. This is the only brown ‘full look’ in my wardrobe and I’ll be very happy to have the skirt in different lengths. Most of my purchases never even go on sale and at this point in the season I’m not tempted to buy something just because it’s marked down. But when I do find a gem, I feel like I’ve won the fashion lottery!

Happy hunting!

On My Mind

Gobble, Gobble!

And then there were three… We are a small group for Thanksgiving this year, which is lovely. Football and games while we cook = magical family time. A very happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



To Give & Receive

Here are a number of my favorite holiday gifts for friends: Hermés Lip Balm, an indie fashion magazine, maple syrup, Diptyque La Droguerie candle, silver spoons from my drawerful that my daughters do not want, a festive Richard Ginori x Cabana plate with gingerbread tile cookies, and an olive tree from Orangerie.


Favorite Cold Weather Products

These are two of my cannot-live-without cold weather beauty products. Nuxe Dry Oil and Futurer Invisible Dry Shampoo to the rescue. Both smell great, too.

It Item

Squeeze Me

I’m with Jo Ellison, editor of FT’s How To Spend It — I, too, would love a Loewe Squeeze bag. Will I buy one? Probably not. But if Santa tucks one under the tree I won’t complain. Small in chocolate would make me very happy. Chain extends to wear crossbody. Bergdorf Goodman has a few.

On My Radar

Bits & Bobs

I’ve had my eye on this Dior trench since it came down the runway. However, I have a similar Bottega trench that I cherish and wear all the time. Would this be considered a double? Mine isn’t belted, which makes the Dior different enough in my view. The Oceans by Chris Burkard and the brilliant art director Ezra Petronio’s Visual Thinking & Image Making are my two new books of inspiration. I love but don’t need this Saint Laurent Downtown Tote. I’m just going to keep telling myself that.

On My Radar

Toteme Jewelry

Toteme is launching a line of jewelry that perfectly compliments the founders’ minimalist aesthetic — it will be a great addition to the brand. I love enamel jewelry and have many pieces from my mother. A stack of these bangles would be very chic.